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He looked at prison like a chess game: a thinking game that could be outsmarted.

Chris Wilson was sentenced to life in prison for murder at age 17. These days, he’s a free man who heads up two Baltimore companies and has been honored at the White House twice in the past month. He’s currently in talks with publishers to write a book about his life.

After all, his journey has all the makings of a Hollywood story: poverty, addiction, gun violence. He grew up in rough neighborhood in Washington, D.C., sandwiched between two housing projects. There were days where he’d step over dead bodies on his way to his grandmother’s house. But his life is also marked by a turnaround that’s against the odds.

A conversation with his dying grandfather early in his prison sentence instilled what he refers to as “positive delusion,” the belief that one day he’d be out in the real world, making it a better place.

“Promise me you’ll turn your life around … You can do it. Promise me you’ll try,” Wilson recalls his grandfather telling him.

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