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Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys Scott Shuker and Keith Mitnik have released Casey Anthony’s deposition taken in late-January despite an agreement not to do so.  It is my understanding that they accomplished this by attaching it to a Motion to Compel, in which they want the bankruptcy judge to force Casey Anthony to answer certain questions either her or her attorneys, Cheney Mason or David Schrader, objected to or asserted the Fifth Amendment for.  Most of the objectionable questions were asked about Caylee by Mr. Mitnik, despite the fact that Mr. Shuker made an agreement with Casey Anthony’s attorneys as a representative of Zenaida Gonzalez’s team of attorneys, that no questions pertaining to Caylee Anthony would be asked.

Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys have been criticized for what appears to be showboating due to the massive number of interviews some of Gonzalez’s attorneys and herself have made since 2008 and the language they used in these appearances including on HLN talking about “making” Casey Anthony tell everyone what “really” happened to her daughter, so that she couldn’t make any money.  Recently, Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys claimed that this is not about a show for the public, but instead about her being allegedly defamed and injured.  To prove this, they agreed to the aforementioned two agreements.

However, it seems as though Mr. Mitnik decided he suddenly didn’t agree with the agreement and released the deposition anyway.  To some people this could seem like a purposeful act to get this out into the public.  The document is even labeled “CONFIDENTIAL – FOR ATTORNEYS’ EYES ONLY”.

There is a hearing scheduled for March 4th on the Motion to Compel and on a yet to be filed Motion to Strike by Casey Anthony’s attorneys.

You can read the full deposition here —> Casey Anthony Deposition.


Judge K. Rodney May has approved the October agreement between Casey Anthony and Texas EquuSearch.  Under the terms of the settlement, EquuSearch agreed to drop its complaint objecting to Anthony’s bankruptcy.  Anthony agreed to allow EquuSearch to claim $75,000 unsecured as a creditor without objecting.  Under the conditions, Anthony is not forced to admit any wrongdoing.

In a press release, EquuSearch said the decision to settle was after “considerable thought…the time and money that [EquuSearch] must spend to pursue these claims are being taken from other families that really need their help,” EquuSearch lawyers Wites & Kapetan and Russin & Budwick said.

“It’s one of those things where if we continued fighting it would cost us more money than we would ever get back…Our time is better served not in a court room in Florida…” says Miller.

EquuSearch had objected to Anthony’s bankruptcy because it said that it spent $100,000 searching for Caylee Anthony when Casey Anthony knew, as stated at trial by her defense attorneys, that her daughter was already dead.

Secret Lives with Jane Velez-Mitchell is a brand new show that premiered on HLN last Friday.  It will air Fridays before Nancy Grace’s Mysteries.  The first episode was The Secret Life of Casey Anthony.  Jane Velez-Mitchell said on Thursday, the day before the premiere, “It’s like a classic you want to revisit because there are lessons in this case,” but then proceeded to show she didn’t learn any lessons, “A mother has to listen to her daughter when her daughter indicates she’s not mommy material. That should be accepted instead of insisting the child change…” She ended with a very negative and off-the-mark concept of human beings, “People don’t change.”  The show’s format was very choppy and had a strange scrapbook-like style.

Jane Velez-Mitchell went on to say in her interview, “I believe that this young woman was not ready for parenthood.  The choices she made because of that inability to parent set up this tragedy…” Nowhere in the entire hour-long episode did anyone mention that Casey Anthony owned a parenting book, that she clearly read since it had notes and highlights in it.  Nor did they mention that her friends told the police that she constantly had Caylee with her.  Her boyfriends said that she constantly brought Caylee over.  Ricardo Morales stated that Casey would stay over night at least 5 times a week, most weeks, with Caylee.  They never mentioned that she had pictures of her daughter everywhere, a baby book that she kept updated, and that less than a week before Casey Anthony supposedly killed her daughter, she texted her friend,

“Caylee just pooped in her potty for the first time.”  (7 minutes later)  “Sorry. Proud momma moment.”

This text occurred months after Casey Anthony supposedly started plotting the murder of her daughter.  The show also never mentioned that Casey Anthony always slept with her daughter in her room despite the child having her own room.  All of her friends and her mother, for that matter, said that she had a wonderful relationship with her daughter.  You cannot honestly believe that so many people would lie about someone’s maternal abilities if they thought the person killed their child.  Her friends were unequivocal in their descriptions, “her daughter was her life”; “I hope my mother/daughter bond is going to be like that”; “good”, “great”, “loving,” “excellent” mom; and “Caylee was the center of Casey’s life. Without Caylee she has no self-worth and she has no value…”  The prosecution’s evidence to the contrary?  Linda Drane Burdick’s closing included a statement that her friends didn’t know what a good mother was.  There was never any insinuation that Casey Anthony ever abused her daughter.

The entire episode was a “cautionary tale” of teen pregnancy.  Specifically, HLN, from the beginning acted as if Casey Anthony were 15-years-old, she was in fact an adult when she had her daughter.  She was 18-years-old when she got pregnant and 19 when she had Caylee.  When you think of teen pregnancy, the first thing that pops into your mind isn’t an 18-year-old; it’s something like Teen Mom.  Officially, the statistics rate teen pregnancy from 13 – 19, but about 4.5% of 19-year-olds are married.  When you turn 18, you are considered an adult, who can make your own decisions.  You are now in the age of majority where you can elect officials to run your town, your state, and our nation; own or rent your own place; live by yourself, wherever you want; marry without consent; inherit things; own a gun (depending on the state); consent to medical treatments; consent to sexual activity with whoever you want (as long as they are over 18); enter into contracts; eligible for jury duty (where someone’s life is in your hands); buy a car; and defend our country by joining the armed forces.  In other words, you aren’t a child anymore.  A cautionary tale of teen pregnancy is usually when a young girl, probably around, 15 or 16, maybe even 17, dumps her child on her parents because she still wants to be a kid.

Jane Velez-Mitchell accuses Casey Anthony of not wanting her daughter, pointing to a “friend”.  Throughout the episode, no references are made that could be cross-checked, they were all vaguely called a “friend” or a “source” or a “report” and once or twice, “investigators.”  It seems most likely that this “friend” was Kiomarie Cruz, someone who never testified in court, and someone whose credibility was severely in question.  She talked to the media more than investigators.  Stating that she and Casey Anthony used to bury their pets in the same area that Caylee Anthony’s body was discovered.  Actually Cindy and George Anthony testified that George Anthony buried their pets in their backyard in bags closed using duct tape.  She also claimed that Casey Anthony told her she didn’t want to have her baby.  Her statements were never corroborated.  The psychologists who evaluated Casey Anthony concluded that she “never considered, once she was pregnant, having an abortion or having the baby put up for adoption. She wanted the child.”  Jesse Grund, her former fiancée, corroborates this story.  Several media outlets, including the Orlando Sentinel reported that Casey Anthony considered placing her daughter up for adoption, but did not do so at the urging of her mother.  Jesse Grund stated that when he talked with Casey Anthony about giving Caylee up for adoption while she was still pregnant, “it wasn’t an option.”  Jane Velez-Mitchell’s show went with the Orlando Sentinel report, despite there being evidence to support the exact opposite.  As desperate as the prosecution was, they would have put Ms. Cruz on the stand if they could have.  Velez-Mitchell seems to accept anyone’s word as truth as long as they agree with her opinion.

Secret Lives did something ridiculously stupid and juvenile twice during the show.  They went to a segment called the “Secrets Lab”, which is essentially Jane Velez-Mitchell and two guests, in this instance, Lisa Bloom and media personality Dr. Jeff (Gardere).  The three take markers to a marker board and write buzzwords.  Jane Velez-Mitchell wrote without any evidence to support it, that a mother has “unconditional love” (Cindy), but the other mother is the “other extreme” (I’m assuming no love and that she is talking about Casey).  “Maybe neither one is the right way to go” because apparently to Jane Velez-Mitchell unconditional love is a bad thing.  Then Bloom takes her turn and writes about how Cindy loved her daughter “maybe a little too much.”  Dr. Jeff then says that Cindy “smothering” Casey caused her to “rebel.”  This segment is useless and cheesy and makes a viewer feel like they are in middle school with three terrible teachers.

Everyone on the show has been on Velez-Mitchell’s regular show several times and none of them have ever indicated that they believe anything, but that Casey Anthony is guilty (it is debatable whether they actually believe this or it is just for ratings), so needless to say the show was very unbalanced.  Her three main guests were: Steve Helling who wrote Outrage the Casey Anthony Story.  It is only available in digital copy, but it is just a book about Helling’s experiences as a reporter covering the trial.  Several people who read the book stated it had factual inaccuracies.  He is also a People Magazine employee.  Helling, in an interview with WOFL in 2011, stated that his book was mostly about the progression of Casey Anthony’s lies (ironically, this is what the show became about); Jen Heger, a tabloid reporter and assistant managing editor of RADAROnline; and Robyn Walensky, who wrote “Beautiful Life?  The CSI Behind the Casey Anthony Trial and My Observations from Courtroom Seat #1.”  Walensky did very little in her book or in any interviews to reveal the underlying issues with the CSI techniques used in this case.

Jane Velez-Mitchell postulates a question before breaking for commercial: is Casey Anthony a loving mother or was she just enjoying a secret life?  Velez-Mitchell’s show would have you believe the latter.  However, both are actually true.  Casey Anthony had a “secret life” from her parents.  Lots of people lie to their parents about where they go or whom they are seeing.  It gives them a sense of control over their lives, especially if they are an adult, still living at home, and aren’t necessarily getting the adult respect others are afforded.  Take the story that Jesse Grund told about Cindy Anthony telling Casey Anthony that she couldn’t have Jesse Grund, her fiancée, in her room with the door closed.  Jane Velez-Mitchell likes to refer to Casey as a rebellious child because the Anthonys treated her as if she was a young teen and Velez-Mitchell wants that to seem normal.  In reality, it is not normal to treat a 19-year-old mother like a child by restricting their movements, friends, and decisions.  This will cause someone to lie to get freedom. (more…)