Jose Baez Makes New York Times Best-Seller List

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The reviews may have been scathing, but “Presumed Guilty,” Jose Baez’s look at the Casey Anthony case, will show up on the July 22 edition of the New York Times‘ best seller list for combined print & e-book nonfiction. It comes in at No. 9. But the book is not in the Top 10 on the hardcover nonfiction list. It comes in at No. 24 there. “Presumed Guilty” evidently has sold a lot of e-book editions. Why the good sales? I turned to my friend Nancy Pate, the former book critic for the Sentinel. “People are just fascinated by her,” Pate says. “They’re still trying to figure her out. She’s got the reputation of a liar. Until she gives an interview or writes a book, people are going to depend on the secondhand sources closest to her.” Could this give Cheney Mason a reason to finish his book?  The customers are sharply divided in their reviews on the Barnes & Noble site. The Baez book, which Peter Golenbock helped write, receives 153 five-star reviews and 257 one-star reviews. Have you read it?

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New York Times Best-Seller List



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