Who is Baby Angel Doe Found in Suitcase?


  • Date Found:  Feb. 1, 1968
  • Found in a slough near the Clark Bridge.
  • Age:  Estimated about 2 years
  • Race:  White
  • Sex:  Female
  • Description:  Blonde hair, scar above one eye, one abnormally large tooth

Still unidentified, a baby girl is buried, unmarked, in the Oak Grove Cemetery in St. Charles, Missouri.

In February of 1968, Jack Hamilton went fishing at his favorite spot.  Arriving at the spot, he was dismayed to find the ground littered with decaying fish which had been thrown out of the icy river.  He figured the fish died during the sudden freeze, which followed a sudden warming period a few days before.  As he looked around, his eye caught a glimpse of a large black box tied with ropes floating about 15 feet from the shore.

Hamilton grabbed a tree branch and fished it out.  It seemed unusually heavy.  He said the box was something you would buy at a dime store.  It had two 10 pound barbells tied to it with clothesline rope.  He thought the whole thing was odd and tore the suitcase open.  Inside he found the partially decomposed remains of a blonde child.  Two more barbells had been tied to the body.

The suitcase was found near U.S. 67 at the south end of the Clark Bridge, which crosses the Mississippi River to the town of Alton.  Hamilton called the police.

A week later, on Feb. 7th, St. Charles Coroner Frang Amalong carried the small casket to the waiting grave in front of a small group of people.  The funeral was paid for by the local pauper fund.  The officers present believed at the time that the remains were that of 4-year-old Treasa Mobley, as did her father.  The cause of death could not be determined and neither could a positive match.  There were no footprints taken at the time of birth to compare to.  The father, Don Mobley was confident, but not absolutely sure.  The girl had no signs of trauma.

Don’s two children, Treasa and Don Jr. had been taken two months earlier by his estranged wife when she left.  He hadn’t seen them since.  Because of this and the fact that the police believed the body was that of Mobley’s daughter, the police scoured the muddy water for another body.  Less than a month later, Mobley’s children were found alive.  The mother, Delores said she did not know about the search or the fact that the police believed that Baby Angel Doe was her daughter.  She said she would have called immediately if she did.  The children were found with their mother in Kansas City.

If you have any tips on this case, please contact the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department at:

Phone: (636) 949-1818
Fax: (636) 949-3078

[Source:  Various newspaper articles, OfficialColdCaseInvestigations]


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