What Happened to Lori Reaves Richardson?


Lori Jane Eblin Reaves Richardson was last seen by her family and friends in the mid-1980s.  The last verifiable contact was April 8, 1992.  But, her disappearance wasn’t reported until 2007.  That year, her mother passed away, and her sister Debby attempted to contact her, but was unable.  She found Lori’s daughter from her first marriage who said she hadn’t seen her mother since 1992.  Her family discovered that Lori had married a man named Nathaniel Richardson, her second husband, in Columbia, South Carolina on February 15, 1994.  This is the last trace of her and she has not contacted any friends or family.  The family believes she met with foul play.

She was living in Columbia, SC in 1995.  Her second husband told police that he came home one day and she was gone.  He had previously been charged with domestic violence in their relationship.  Before their relationship, according to reports, Richardson was convicted of sexual misconduct in New York, he served time in prison before being released a few years before they married.

Her case is unsolved.

  • She was born on October 4, 1959.  She was 5′ 2″, 125 lbs. at the time of her disappearance.
  • She is a white female with brown hair and brown eyes.  She wears eyeglasses and has pierced ears.
  • She was last seen in Richland County, SC.
  • She was 32 years old.  She would now be 55 years old.
  • She has ties to Virginia, Florida, and Tennessee.

If you have any information concerning Lori’s whereabouts please contact:

The Richland County Sheriff’s Office


Case No. 1308827920

[Sources:  Charley Project,   Help Find LoriUnsolved Mysteries, NamUs]


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