Pharmacist’s 9 Year Cold Case is a ‘Nightmare’


Thousands of hours of investigations, but no arrests.  The murder of a pharmacist in 2006 has had so many twists and turns you probably wouldn’t believe that the child star who played Eddie Munster was even a suspect at one point.

There were so many motives that investigators waded through, Ken Juedes had everything from complicated financial dealings to feuding beneficiaries on his insurance policies.

They have officially announced nearly a decade after Juedes’ death that his wife is the person of interest, but the fact remains that his case is unsolved.

Ken Juedes, 58, was found shot to death on August 30, 2006 in his bed.  He had been killed by a shotgun.  Investigators believed at the time that the motive was a financial dispute given Juedes’ complicated history.

Marathon County Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Bean, who has been the lead investigator from the beginning of the case has admitted that police have gone through many people they were “pretty sure about who could have done this”.

Cindy Schulz Juedes told police that she found her husband dead in their home in a secluded 30-acre property northeast of Unity.  Schulz-Juedes left the house the night before and slept in a trailer adjacent to the home.  She said that she had a severe headache and needed peace and quiet.  She found her husband’s body at 8:20 a.m.

The life insurance policies totaled $1 million and seem like a good motive, the problem is that Schulz-Juedes never received a dime.

Schulz-Juedes said, “Most of the money went to the kids.  Money-wise, my husband and I together would have earned more…and I still would have…my husband.”

Ken Juedes

  • Date of death:  Aug. 30, 2006
  • Location:  H3752 Maple Road in the town of Hull
  • Manner:  Two shotgun wounds to the chest

Anyone with information about the death of Ken Juedes is asked to call Marathon County Sheriff’s Capt. Greg Bean at 715-241-1424 or Division of Criminal Investigation agent Brad Kust at 715-359-7112.

[Source:  Post Crescent]

  1. Although Cindy Ewer Schulz admitted to being at Ken’s house when he arrived home on the night he was killed, and also admitted to being at Ken’s house the following morning, there was no indication that she was in conflict with Ken at the time of Ken’s homicide. In fact, Ken was in conflict with two men at the time of his death. He had become aware that his business partner had deceived him into purchasing shares in the business and had embezzled funds. Ken threatened to have this business partner jailed and was scheduled to testify against this partner, Randy Landwehr, in three separate civil and criminal cases only weeks after his murder. According to at least one witness, Mr. Landwehr told Ken that he would kill Ken if he continued. At the time of Ken’s death, Ken was also refusing to sign a quit claim deed to release his interest to his younger sibling, Don Allen. Ken was also sole executor of his parents’ estate. Upon Ken’s death, Mr. Allen assumed that role. Both men stood to gain by Ken’s death. Cindy also had 6 insurance policies in place on Ken’s life, totally nearly $1,000,000.00. This is a complicated murder because it involved conspiracy. The motive for the murder is not complicated. Greed seldom is.


  2. Please correct your information about Ken’s murder. The Marathon County Sheriff’s Department released information that he was shot twice “in the torso.” A publicly released portion of his autopsy revealed that he was fatally shot by a single shotgun blast that entered in his back, below his ribs and then travelled upward into his chest. This would have most probably happened as he lay on the ground or bent over. He was shot a second time, post mortem. This shot entered the side of his chest and then travelled beneath his ribs and almost parallel, exiting below his neck.
    From police reports, blood splatter seemed to indicate that Ken was fatally shot as he lay face down or possibly bent over. His body was then moved onto his bed and placed face up, where he was shot a second time, possibly to wrongly establish the bedroom as the crime scene. There was evidence at the scene of crime scene tampering. EMTs even reported that some areas of the floor were still wet from an apparent cleaning when they arrived.

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  3. Tina says:

    Maybe this will be on “I almost got away with it’ someday


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