Fugitive’s Whereabouts Unknown

It was a senseless murder. 20 year old Jason Bass was stabbed to death by an enraged Adam Emery not far from the Rocky Point Amusement Park in Warwick. Emery and his wife Elena mistakenly believed that Bass had hit their car and drove off. At his wife’s urging, a confrontation ensued several streets away and Bass was stabbed twice in the chest. It was later learned that Bass’s car was not responsible for the damage done to Emery’s vehicle. At trial Adam Emery was found guilty of 2nd degree murder. He was allowed out free on bail that same day on November 10, 1993. Hours later, his car was found abandoned on the Claiborne Pell Bridge. He and his wife Elena had gone missing. Adam Emery was now a fugitive from justice. Police theorized that the two had agreed to a suicide pact and had jumped to their deaths from the bridge. Others believed that the couple faked their deaths and had fled to Europe.

Almost a year later, a fisherman found a human skull in his fishing net just north of the Pell Bridge. It was confirmed to be the remains of Elena Emery. To date, Adam Emery’s remains have never been found. It is believed that he died that day with his wife and his body is on the bottom of Narragansett Bay. However, there are still some that believe he may killed his wife and made it look like he committed suicide with her.

The State of Rhode Island has declared Adam Emery deceased while the Federal Bureau of Investigation still considers the case an active investigation. Either way, the mystery of where Adam Emery is remains.

[Source:  CT Cold Cases]


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