Cold Cases


  1. FBI — Murder of Korean War Veteran Wharlest Jackson Remains Unsolved
  2. Alabama – Who Killed Christopher Cooley, 41, and Alexandria Dowe, 21?
  3. Alaska – Who Is Responsible for a Campsite Double Homicide?
  4. Arizona – Who Killed Rondell Echoles, 25, and Tyrone Phillips, 27?
  5. Arkansas –  What Happened to Robin Lynn Farnsworth?  | Arkansas Online 
  6. California – 2009 Robbery, Home Invasion, and Sexual Assault in Norwalk
  7. Colorado —  Who Tried to Make People Believe Ricky Allen Committed Suicide?
  8. Connecticut — Who Killed Businessman Javed Akhtar?
  9. Delaware —  Shooter Stood in the Middle of the Street Killing One Man, Surveillance Video Captured the Incident, But No Arrests
  10. Florida – Who Killed Tim Chanthavong?
  11. Georgia — Who Killed Marquis Deshaun Lawson in a Hit and Run?
  12. Hawaii –  David Pukahi, 54, Is Believed Kidnapped – Police are Looking for Two Men to Question
  13. Idaho —  Who Killed Tom Sherwood In His Own Basement?
  14. Illinois — Who Killed Eric Demond Donelson?
  15. Indiana –  Who Killed Bruce Moser and Raped and Killed Margaret Moser?
  16. Iowa –  Who Killed Lewis Glenn in the Parking Lot of a Church?
  17. Kansas – The Mysterious Death of Alonzo Brooks
  18. Kentucky –  Who Killed Freddie Joe Fleming?
  19. Louisiana –  Who Killed Jamie Sinkhorn?
  20. Maine –  Who Killed Rafael Rosado?
  21. Maryland –  Who Killed Brian Clinton Duvall Edwards Jr.?
  22. Massachusetts –  Who Killed 16-Year-Old Devyn Jude Murphy? 50 Witnesses, but No Leads
  23. Michigan –  Who Killed James Randall?
  24. Minnesota –  Who Abducted 11-Year-Old Jacob Wetterling?
  25. Mississippi –  Who Killed Jair Valencia?
  26. Missouri –  Who is Baby Angel Doe Found in Suitcase?
  27. Montana –  Who Killed Young Married Couple Linda & Clifford Bernhardt?
  28. Nebraska –  Who Abducted and Murdered 11-Year-Old Richard Chadek III?
  29. Nevada —  Who is This Unidentified Murder Victim?
  30. New Hampshire —  Was 18-Year-Old Richard Biron Murdered?
  31. New Jersey – Atlantic City Serial Killer Still At Large
  32. New Mexico — 16-Year-Old Brian Edmonds Found on the Side of the Road with Fatal Injuries
  33. New York – Who is the Long Island Serial Killer?
  34. North Carolina –  The Unsolved Be-Lo Murders
  35. North Dakota –  Who Killed 18-Year-Old Anita Mae Knutson?
  36. Ohio –  What Happened to an Ohio Woman Found Dead in Indiana?
  37. Oklahoma –  The OKC Butcher Has Eluded Justice For More than 20 Years
  38. Oregon –  Who Killed 11-Year-Old Joshua Jeffries in His Own Bed?
  39. Pennsylvania —  Was a Police Officer Involved in the Death of Michael Rosenblum?
  40. Rhode Island –  Fugitive’s Whereabouts Unknown
  41. South Carolina –  What Happened to Lori Reaves Richardson?
  42. South Dakota – Who Murdered a Major Drug Witness?
  43. Tennessee –  Who Killed Jeweler George Ince?
  44. Texas – Who Committed the Texarkana Moonlight Murders?
  45. Utah –  Who Ran Over This Pizza Delivery Woman with Her Own Car?
  46. Vermont–  Is the Connecticut River Valley Serial Killer Still Out There?
  47. Virginia —  Police Need Help Identify This Person Found Deceased Near the Owls Creek Golf Course
  48. Washington —  Where is Austin Jerrel Renshaw?
  49. West Virginia —  What Happened to Man Found Deceased After Missing For More than a Year?
  50. Wisconsin —  Pharmacist’s 9 Year Cold Case is a ‘Nightmare’
  51. Wyoming —  Where is Bruce Parker Pike?
  52. Washington, D.C. —  Who Robbed and Murdered Deli Owner Hae Soon Lim?
  1. JellyBean says:

    The Baldwin Police had something to do with his disappearance as well as his death. How the chief could be found not guilty of any wrong doing was & is a travesty of justice. I’m not saying he killed this young man, but I think he did know exactly what happened to him, why it happened & he was a part of the cover up (based on his actions). The Bible says there is nothing hidden that shall not be uncovered. You may escape justice for a season where man is concerned, but as far as reaping what you sow; there is no avoiding that. Spiritual Laws always prevail & are truth. You cannot run, you cannot hide or outsmart God! There is no cover-up from God. He sees all, He knows all.


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