MSNBC Documentary: Defending Casey Anthony

Watch the Documentary Promo Here –> MSNBC

Defending Casey Anthony |  Documentaries   |  First Aired on July 06, 2012

It was a trial of epic proportions, with every flinch under the microscope of the press. Now, the attorneys and experts who represented accused child-killer Casey Anthony tell all about what really went on behind the scenes during one of the most infamous cases in U.S. history. These are the stories of the Casey Anthony case that no one knows, until now.

FULL VERSION – WATCH BELOW (Skip to 1 minute)

Defending Casey Anthony from 1895 Films on Vimeo.


Web Extra:  Coyotes –  In a web extra from “Defending Casey Anthony,” the defense teams reflects on one of the many contentious moments from the trial.

If you don’t think Florida has coyotes look it up:

Web Extra:  A Late-Night AutopsyJose Baez recalls the late-night autopsy that led to the discovery of a single piece of evidence with the potential to bust the case wide open.

Web Extra:  This Was a Trial, This Wasn’t A CarnivalIn this web extra, hear from the defense team about some of their experiences and challenges of dealing with the press and the crowds at the Casey Anthony trial.

  1. V.E.G. says:

    All of a sudden, when the defendant Casey Anthony was found not guilty, I said, “BULL CRAP!” Now she lives like Yuri Nosenko (a man living under an assumed name due to his new identity). She should be ashamed of herself. She could face God, sooner or later.


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