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RECOMMENDED VIEWING:  MSNBC: Defending Casey Anthony (2012) — It was a trial of epic proportions, with every flinch under the microscope of the press. Now, the attorneys and experts who represented accused child-killer Casey Anthony tell all about what really went on behind the scenes during one of the most infamous cases in U.S. history. These are the stories of the Casey Anthony case that no one knows, until now.  (Extras and FULL VERSION)

Shadow of Doubt (Preview Video) — The Tulsa World’s two-part series about the conviction and exoneration of Michelle Murphy.  The documentary reveals the evidence jurors never heard when Murphy was convicted of murdering her infant son in 1995.  It also examines how police and prosecutors handled the murky evidence that cost Murphy 20 years of her life.  Finally, it details Murphy’s journey, including her struggle to prove her innocence and rebuild her life.

RECOMMENDED VIEWING:  THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE — a new film from award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns, tells the story of the five black and Latino teenagers from Harlem who were wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in New York City’s Central Park in 1989.  The film illuminates how law enforcement, social institutions, and the media undermine the very rights of the individuals they were designed to safeguard and protect. (FULL VERSION)

FULL VERSION:  Death Row:  The Final 24 Hours (Watch Below) — The emotionally powerful Discovery Channel documentary about what happens, minute by minute, the 24 hours before the condemned of Death Row leave the world.  Hear extraordinary insider stories told by the men who work on death row: the last minute appeals, what happens when things go wrong, and what it feels like to share a man’s final moments on earth.

PBS:  WHO KILLED LINDBERGH’S BABY?  – Expert investigators reexamine one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time.

Lifetime:  Beyond the Headlines:  Casey Anthony (2012) — Watch the full special about this hard to believe trial.

NOVA: Forensics on Trial (2012 Investigation) — There is a startling gap between the glamorous television world of “CSI” and the gritty reality of the forensic crime lab. NOVA investigates how modern forensics, including the analysis of fingerprints, bite marks, ballistics, hair, and tool marks, can send innocent men and women to prison and death row.

FRONTLINE: The Real CSI (2012) — Frontline investigates the flaws in forensic science. How reliable is the science behind forensics?

FRONTLINE: The Child Cases — Sudden child deaths are often assumed to be murder and caregivers are frequently the accused. FRONTLINE, ProPublica and NPR investigate, uncovering evidence of questionable convictions.

FRONTLINE: Post-Mortem — Popular television shows portray death investigators as high-tech sleuths wielding the most sophisticated tools of 21st century science. An unprecedented collaborative investigation by FRONTLINE, ProPublica and NPR found a very different reality: A dysfunctional system in which there are few standards, little oversight and the mistakes are literally buried. Doctors who lack certification and training.  2.5 million Americans die each year without being examined at all. [Click Here for State-by-State Map]

FRONTLINE: The Confessions — How could four men confess to a brutal crime that they didn’t commit? Inside the incredible saga of the Norfolk Four — a case that cracks open the justice system to reveal almost everything that goes wrong when innocent people get convicted.

Death By Fire — At the center of the national death penalty debate is the controversial case of Cameron Todd Willingham, put to death for the arson-murder of his three little girls. But was he guilty? |  UpdateA four-person panel of the Texas Forensic Science Commission investigating evidence of arson presented in the case acknowledged on July 23, 2010, that state and local arson investigators used “flawed science” in determining the blaze had been deliberately set.

Death by Fire 2 (Preview Video) – FRONTLINE reinvestigates the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed for the arson deaths of his three children. “Death by Fire 2” asks new questions about a key prosecution witness and science that raises doubts about whether the fatal fire was really arson.

The OJ Verdict (2005) — On October 3, 1995, an estimated 150 million people stopped what they were doing to witness the televised verdict of the O.J. Simpson trial. FRONTLINE explores the verdict.

When Kids Get Life (2006) — Filmed prior to the Miller v. Alabama (2012) decision, this documentary chronicles five teens sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The New Asylums (2005) — America’s severely mentally ill, who once would have been in state psychiatric hospitals are now in state prisons. Why is this happening? Is there adequate mental health care behind bars? (Inside Ohio Prison System) [Click here for a state-by-state analysis]

The Released (2010) — Five years ago, FRONTLINE’s groundbreaking film, The New Asylums, went deep inside the Ohio prison system as it struggled to provide care to thousands of mentally ill inmates. FRONTLINE returns to Ohio to tell the next chapter in this disturbing story: what happens to mentally ill offenders when they leave prison. An intimate look at the lives of the seriously mentally ill as they struggle to remain free.

The Plea — It is the centerpiece of America’s judicial process: the right to a trial by jury system that places a defendant’s fate in the hands of a jury of one’s peers. But it may surprise many to learn that nearly 95 percent of all cases resulting in felony convictions never reach a jury. Instead, they are settled through plea bargains in which a defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence.  Are the deals really fair, truthful, and accurate?

CNN: Reasonable Doubt: Can Crime Labs be Trusted? (2006) — This CNN special presentation addresses the long-standing problem of crime lab misconduct.


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