1. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor in a Dissent Criticizes the Police Culture of “Shoot First”

2.  Federal Drug Agents Have Built a Massive, Wiretapping Operation in Southern California, it’s Probably Illegal and a Prosecutor Threatened a Reporter Over It

3.  A Hack of 70 Million Prisoner Phone Calls Shows There Are Thousands of Potential Attorney-Client Privilege Violations

4.  Should the Government Be Able to Take Your Money Away By Forfeiture Before Trial (So You Can’t Afford an Attorney)

5.  Higher Court Overturns Lower Court’s Declaration that California’s Death Penalty is Unconstitutional Using a Technicality

6.  60 Minutes Airs a Segment on the Botched Execution of Joseph Wood

7.  Chief Judge Alex Kozinski on Why Innocents Plead Guilty

8.  Texas Exoneree Owes More than $300,000 in Child Support Due to His Wrongful Incarceration (He May Be Forced to Pay)

9.  Highlights from the Facebook Q&A with Angel Gonzalez (Wrongfully Convicted of Rape and Served Over 20 Years)

BonusDeath Row Exoneree Anthony Graves Uses Some of His Wrongful Conviction Restitution to Create a Non-Profit,

“[Texas] tried to murder me and I want to stay in [their] face every day to remind [them] that we need to do better.”

10.  Startling New Evidence of Misconduct in Kerry Max Cook Case


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