1. Elected Judges Are Half as Likely as Appointed Judges to Overturn Flawed Death Sentences
  2. Read Mother Jones’ Coverage of the Center on Wrongful Convictions’ Women’s Project, focusing on Kristine Bunch’s Case
  3. Exonerated Woman Returns to Prison to Minister
  4. Death, But Is It Murder?  The Role of Stereotypes and Cultural Perceptions in the Wrongful Convictions of Women
  5. Baby Girl, A Victim of Syria’s Civil War Even Before Birth
  6. Oregon State Police Are Investigating Misconduct Allegations Against the State Lab
  7. Montana Innocence Project Works to Free Katie Garding
  8. Biggest Cyberattack in American History Just Keeps Getting Worse
  9. This Law is Supposed to Protect Babies, But It Just Puts Mothers Behind Bars
  10. The NRA’s Murder Mystery



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