1.  The Washington Post Alleges that a Defiance College Study on Child Sex Trafficking is Inaccurate | Read the Defiance College Study | National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Statistics

2.  Did Texas Just Execute an Innocent Man? – The Lester Bower Execution | Lester Bower’s Story is Everything That’s Wrong With the Death Penalty

3.  New Book:  An Evil Day in Georgia – “In An Evil Day in Georgia, author Robert Smith raises lingering questions about the guilt of two men—one white and one black—executed for a murder in the Deep South in the 1920s…The telling of this story, one that played out in the Jim Crow era and the days of bootlegging and the Ku Klux Klan, exposes the death penalty’s imperfections even as it calls into question the veracity of a woman’s confession, later recanted, that once brought her within a stone’s throw of the state’s electric chair.”

4.  EPIDEMIC:  Heroin-Related Overdoses Have Quadrupled Since 2002  |  Read the CDC Report

5.  In Response to the Heat-Associated Death of an Inmate and the Suicide of Another NYC Will Now Begin to Offer Some Non-Bail Options  |  The Problem with NYC’s Bail Reform  |  NYC’s New Bail Reform Would Not Have Provided Relief to Those Whose Cases Spurred It


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