Circuit Court Judge C. Creed McGinley ruled that there were no irregularities in the appointment of Jennifer Nichols to handle the criminal case related to the disappearance and murder of Holly Bobo.

The complicated case has seen massive social media speculation, a publicized dispute between the prosecutor and investigator, and the suicide of a key witness.

Bobo was 20 when she disappeared from her home in 2011.  Her brother told police that he saw a man dressed in camouflage leading her into the woods near their home, but at the time assumed it was her boyfriend, who was an avid hunter.  Bobo’s disappearance and lengthy search attracted national attention.  Before Bobo’s body was found, social media erupted with false accusations against Bobo’s brother.

Two men searching for ginseng last year found Bobo’s body.

Zachary Adams and Jason Autry have been charged with murder and kidnapping.  His brother, John Dylan Adams, has been charged with rape.  All three men have pled not guilty.  No trial date has been set.

Nichols replaces Decatur County District Attorney Matt Stowe, who recused his office after a dispute with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation about the handling of the investigation.  TBI Director Mark Gwyn — who has said the Bobo investigation has been the most exhaustive and expensive in agency history — had announced he was suspending all work on the case after Stowe accused TBI agents of misconduct.


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