Officials released transcripts closed-door testimony in the Jodi Arias case this week.  The testimony comes from 2 months ago.  Most of the information was previously testified to by Arias.  Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder last year, but the jurors deadlocked.  A new sentencing jury was seated.

Read the testimony here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

The transcripts were released a few weeks after an appeals court threw out Judge Sherry Stephens’ ruling allowing Arias, whose name was kept secret at the time, to testify in a closed courtroom.  The secret witness requested the secrecy after expressing fear.  Most experts believe the testimony was closed in the hopes the case wouldn’t become an even bigger spectacle than it already is.

As she said before, Arias told the jury that she was raised in an abusive family home and faced a series of failed relationships.  She recounted her relationship with Alexander as well.  Her testimony was halted when the media appealed the judge’s decision.  Arias has not retaken the stand to finish her testimony.  During her testimony she expressed regret over the death of Alexander,

“I wish so badly that I could just take [the pain] away from [his family], and that I could reverse what I did,” Arias said.

The sentencing trial started in mid-October and has already surpassed its estimated end date of December.

  1. Anonymous says:

    And YET, there is an interview out there after she was found GUILTY, where she herself states by her own mouth, that she doesn’t have any mitigation factors because she had good parents and a good upbringing, and I am paraphrasing.

    NOW all of a sudden she is the poster child of child abuse? This will be my last post here.

    How you can defend her after all her blatant lies shows me YOU have TUNNEL VISION.

    You are either related to her or infatuated with her, I don’t know which, but if you still believe jodi, then are blinded by your own feelings toward her because if someone other than jodi had done ALL THIS, you would NOT believe in THEIR innocence.

    jodi contradicts her own lies and you sit here and still believe her word is golden?


    • Are you Juan Martinez? I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve never said anything like what you are saying. Your comments seem to be nothing more than ad-hominem attacks interspersed with what you think will insult me. I in fact look at the evidence if it happens to coincide with what Jodi Arias’ said then I’m not going to stop believing it simply because she said it. You seem to believe Juan Martinez, but I’d be careful there. “Are you in love with the defendant?” was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard a prosecutor say. He couldn’t think of anything better, that is the saddest part. He couldn’t fight the expert opinion the guy had, so he just personally attacked him. Actions like that don’t belong in a courtroom. He had a slam dunk case, by most measures, yet he has managed to screw it up. Yes he got the conviction, but he didn’t get it the right way. The same appeals courts that are going to handle this case just handled the Debra Milke case, which was a 20 year mess in the making. That case is a cake walk compared to this case. Juan Martinez didn’t need to act like a fool, throwing things, and yelling and making unfounded accusations. He was completely disrespectful to witnesses and he made sexist comments towards the defense counsel. This case won’t be the first time prosecutorial misconduct will be brought up about Martinez, it is in fact the 7th. Arizona doesn’t have a strong track record for taking this type of thing seriously, but they may by the time the 7th set of accusations come before them. Why don’t people care that he has a checkered past and may have screwed up the biggest case to land in his lap? Even if it isn’t overturned on appeal, his behavior certainly shouldn’t leave a good impression of Arizona’s justice system in anyone’s mind. It disturbs me (especially because it is a death penalty case) that people never talk about this. All anyone talks about is how much they hate Jodi Arias. He was totally inappropriate, so why do people like him? Simply because they don’t like Jodi Arias. That makes no sense! I don’t get people who believe that you can’t see that Jodi Arias’ defense made some points and still believe that she is guilty. Apparently you have to think she is the devil or you must think she is innocent. I’m not going to ignore evidence simply because it doesn’t fit someone else’s conclusions. We are discussing if someone is going to live or die, that deserves more seriousness than your comment. I put the facts out there for other people to make up their own minds, there’s nothing wrong with that.


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