Serious questions have been raised by an Irish news site as to whether Irish nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady, 35, accused of killing a 1-year-old can receive a fair trial.  She has spent nearly 18 months in prison and with only a few days before her trial was set to start, it was postponed again until early 2015.  McCarthy is unable to raise the $500,000 bail.

On January 14, 2013, Rehma Sabir, the only child of Nada Siddiqui and Sameer Sabir, was found seriously injured.  Rehma had suffered a violent assault dying two days later from “abusive head trauma” also known as shaken baby syndrome.  Prosecutors allege the injuries are consistent with slamming.

The major obstacle in the case is “crucial medical evidence,” according to the defense.  In February of this year, Judge Jane Haggerty ordered the state to hand over all evidence to the defense.  They still have not done so.

Elaine Sharp, who represented British nanny Louise Woodward, who was convicted of manslaughter in 1997, has raised doubts about the case,

“This case is full of holes as far as I can see.  There were other people who had access and Aisling McCarthy Brady could not have had access 24/7…the DA has jumped…I think [everyone] should be very concerned about whether or not this woman will get a fair trial.”

The site also pointed out that the American media has largely either ignored the case or already convicted the accused.  Sharp added, “we have a pool of people and potential jurors who are inflamed against her.”


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