Three months after murder charges against Susan King were dismissed by the Court of Appeals, the Kentucky State Attorney announced that they declined to retry her.  King spent 6 years behind bars for a 1998 murder that she pled guilty to, even though she was innocent.  She said she was pressured by police, who told her she would never get out of prison if she didn’t admit to the crime.  She was released in 2012.  Charges of murder and tampering with evidence were dismissed.  Prosecutors can still re-indict King on different charges.  Kentucky Innocence Project Supervising Attorney Linda Smith said it would be impossible to retry King based upon the evidence.  Despite maintaining her innocence, King pled guilty in 2008 to the manslaughter death of Kyle Breeden, accepting a 10 year sentence.  Breeden’s body was discovered in the Kentucky River after it was thrown over a bridge.

Smith said that former Detective Todd Harwood perjured himself before the grand jury, covered up evidence that proved King’s innocence, then tried to suppress a confession by another man that he had committed the murder.

The Kentucky Innocence Project took King’s case after they determined it was physically impossible for King to have thrown Breeden from the bridge.  King weighed 97 pounds at the time and only had one leg.

FURTHER READINGDetective Who Helped Woman Trying to Clear Her Name Gets $450,000 – Officer Barron Morgan notified the Kentucky Innocence Project that Richard Jarrell Jr. had confessed to the murder that Susan Jean King was already convicted of.  His superiors disciplined him for doing so, but he knew he had done the right thing.

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