frein1Eric Matthew Frein is accused of the ambush killing of a Pennsylvania state trooper.  Police say he is a member of a military simulation unit based in the eastern part of the state.  Lt. Col. George Bivens said that Frein belongs to a unit that assumes the role of Eastern European soldiers.  He declined to name the group.  Police believe he took his military simulation role into real life.  Frein is believed to have changed his hairstyle in preparation for the attack.  He now has a shaved head on the sides with long hair on top, “wider than a Mohawk.”   Police believe that Frein has had a grudge against police since at least 2006, though it is not known why.  He is believed to be armed with two high-powered rifles.

Frein is accused of ambushing two troopers late in the night outside the state police barracks at Blooming Grove Barracks in Pike County, Pennsylvania as they changed shifts on September 12, 2014.  Cpl. Bryon Dickson, 38, was killed and Trooper Alex Douglass was injured critically.

“While we can never completely rule out an act of violence, I am convinced Frein is engaged in a personal battle with law enforcement, particularly Pennsylvania State Police,” Bivens said.

Frein, 31, is considered armed and dangerous.

His father is a retired major in the U.S. Army and has 28 years of military experience.  He told police that his son is an excellent marksman.  Following the shooting, a local resident was walking his dog in a wooded area 2 miles from the barracks when he spotted a 2001 Jeep submerged in a pond.  When police responded, they recovered shell casings inside that appeared to match those found at the scene.  Investigators also recovered Frein’s Social Security card, a Pennsylvania Game Commission range permit, camouflage face paint, a black-hooded sweatshirt, two empty rifle cases, and assorted other military gear.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Eric Matthew Frein.

Date(s) of Birth Used: May 3, 1983
Place of Birth:New Jersey
Weight: 165 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Frein is known to be a heavy smoker, a weapons enthusiast, and a survivalist. He claims to have fought with Serbians in Africa, and he has studied Russian and Serbian languages. He may have shaved his head on both sides and have long hair on top. He was last seen with no facial hair and was wearing a brown and gold windbreaker, khaki shorts, and sneakers. He was carrying a dark green backpack with black trim. Frein has ties to the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, including the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.



If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.


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