It was the early 1980s when Stanley Guidroz reported his 3-year-old son Wallace missing in Tacoma, Washington.  Investigators recently reopened the cold case and are now saying that Wallace was never missing.  They claim that his father murdered him.  Guidroz, now 57, has been charged with first-degree murder after allegedly confessing to cold case detectives.

“This is another success for the Cold Case Unit,” said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, “Justice matters, no matter how long it takes.”

Guidroz reported his son missing in 1983 after telling police that his son disappeared when they had gone fishing in the park together.  He told police they had met a family there and that they possibly kidnapped him. Police could not locate anyone matching the description he gave and also could find no evidence that he was involved. In 2011, Cold Case Unit Detective Gene Miller reopened the case.  Miller reviewed documents from the original investigation and immediately suspected Guidroz.  There were “several inconsistencies” in his statements, he said.

Guidroz pled guilty to second degree murder charges in Louisiana that same year after fatally stabbing his wife, Pepettra, 47, (not the mother of Wallace) multiple times after getting into an argument with her inside a parked car outside of a Burger King.  He drove around with her body in his car for several hours and over 100 miles until he decided to go to a police station and confess.  They were married since 2003 and had one daughter together.

Miller traveled to Louisiana to question Guidroz in prison.  He reportedly confessed to killing his son.

According to Miller, Guidroz told him that he and his son returned home after fishing, but he “lost it” when Wallace became fussy.  He then allegedly hit the toddler causing him to fall out of his high chair to the floor.  Wallace became unresponsive and Guidroz was afraid of being labeled a “child killer”.  Guidroz allegedly confessed that he buried Wallace near a waterfront and then reported him missing.

His body has never been located.  Recent searches near areas where Guidroz reportedly identified have resulted in nothing being found.  The boy was officially declared dead previously.


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