Paul Curry, a nuclear engineer, whose wife died two decades ago is now on trial for charges of murder and insurance fraud.  Prosecutors have accused Curry of poisoning his wife with nicotine.  Authorities suspected Curry in 1994, but the case went cold.  In 2007, a new scientific report showed, according to prosecutors, that 50-year-old Linda Curry died from a fatal dose of nicotine.  Paul Curry, who was 37 then, collected a $500,000 life insurance policy after his wife’s death.  Assistant District Attorney Ebrahim Baytieh told jurors in opening statements this week that Curry requested his first payment the day after his wife’s funeral and bought himself a Cadillac six months later.

Curry’s public defender, Lisa Kopelman, told jurors in opening statements that Linda Curry had serious health problems for years before her death.  The nicotine in her system could have been an ingredient in some of the medicines she was taking.

In 1993, a year before her death, both Currys were questioned after hospital staff discovered a dose of lidocaine in her IV bag when she was hospitalized for bloody diarrhea, unexplained vomiting, and headaches.

Curry, now 57, was arrested 4 years ago in Kansas where he was working as a county building inspector.


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