Former U.S. Navy SEAL Commando Christopher Mark Heben, who serves as a frequent guest on national news channels, such as CNN, is accused by police of lying about the circumstances of an Ohio mall shooting.  Heben became a guest expert on national news shows after U.S. forces killed terrorist Osama Bin Laden in 2011.

Heben claimed he had been wounded by gunfire during a verbal altercation in the parking lot of an Ohio mall in March of this year.  This claim helped catapult him to the national stage.  Heben is being charged by investigators with two counts of falsification and obstruction.

Bath Township Police Chief Michael McNeely said, “We could not corroborate his story.  The more we looked into it the more evidence we gathered that he was not telling the truth.”

Detectives determined that a shooting did not occur at the mall.  Officers, according to McNeely, could not corroborate Heben’s description that the suspects fled in a gray sports car, after reviewing security cameras.  Police stated that they do not know how Heben was shot, but did determine that he was not shot with his own registered weapon.

If convicted, Heben faces 3 months in prison, plus fines.

In 2008, Heben’s physician’s assistant license was suspended indefinitely by the Ohio Medical Board after he pled no contest to three counts of forgery.  The State Medical Board of Ohio accused Heben of “illicit forging of prescriptions for controlled substances [using his] position as a physician assistant to facilitate the commission of these offenses.”


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