Despite DNA Evidence Not Matching Michigan Man He was Convicted, Seven Years Later Retesting Still Doesn’t Match Him

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Justice, News
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Donya Davis was found guilty of raping a Detroit, Michigan woman in 2007 and sentenced to 67 years in prison despite DNA testing conducted before his trial that excluded him.  His conviction was based upon victim identification.  Davis, 36, was recently released from Wayne County Jail after Judge Ulysses Boykin granted him a new trial and set bail at $7,500.  He got to hug and hold his daughters, Armani Beasley, 13, and Neveah Davis, 8.

In 2013, Davis’ attorneys at the Thomas M. Cooley Innocence Project sought DNA testing and those results excluded him as a source and pointed to another perpetrator.  Even with the new results, which support the original results, the Wayne County Prosecutor has not budged on the case.

Davis has served nearly 7 years.


  1. Shame on the Wayne County Prosecutor.


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