The Montgomery County D.A.’s Office in Pennsylvania has reached a settlement with a Radnor contractor who was falsely accused of ripping off a church in 2009. When he was arrested and charged with failing to pay subcontractors on a project at the Salem Baptist Church, District Attorney Risa Ferman called Walter Logan “despicable” and “low.” After another year of investigation, the charges were dropped.  A federal judge last August found that a reasonable jury would conclude that the prosecution and the detective, Mary Anders, mishandled the case. Evidence suggests that county detectives relied solely on the church’s legal team to build their case. This included allowing the alleged victim’s legal team to rewrite the charging documents and dictate the timing of the arrest, said U.S. District Judge J. Curtis Joyner.  Anders was terminated following the settlement.

Anders was assigned to the case in 2009 and relied solely on information given to her by the alleged victim and their legal team to compile a criminal complaint that was used as the basis for the charges against Logan. Anders was a 25-year veteran.

Now, Logan, 65, has received an extremely rare public apology and an undisclosed financial settlement.

Logan says that he won’t rebuild his life instantly, “We spent forty years building a business and building good character and in virtually one day that all changed.” Logan called the ordeal a “five-year-long nightmare.” After being arrested on theft charges, his once lucrative business has lost out on contracts across the country,

“There was a time I could make a phone call and people would answer, ‘Walter, how are you doing?’ After this, I make phone calls, and people are either out of the office or don’t pick up the phone.”

Ferman’s office issued a statement that read:

“There’s no credible evidence that [Walter] Logan ever stole anything from Salem Baptist Church and we retract any statements to that effect.”

It is believed the settlement could be as much as $1.6 million. A civil case brought by Logan against the church is scheduled to go to trial in September. Logan is contending that the church used its connections within Montgomery County’s officials to press for a baseless criminal case against him in hopes of gaining leverage during a dispute. A contract dispute between Logan and the church arose during his company’s work on a $3.2 million family center. In that original dispute, a civil arbiter eventually ruled that the church owed Logan money, but the damage was done.

The baseless charges have ruined Logan’s business and reputation. It took him 40 years to build it and 1 second to lose it.


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