Authorities are set to release a California man they admit to wrongfully jailing for 2 weeks when they mistook him for a drug dealer.  Gerber Guzman’s wife says that this is the second time he’s been arrested and put in L.A. County Jail when he hasn’t done anything wrong.  After Guzman’s April 27th arrest, Yanira Hernandez tried for more than a week to get his release.  The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) only responded after a local news station began reporting the case.  Guzman’s identity was stolen 6 years ago.

Hernandez says her husband spent 16 days in the jail on drug-related charges before his name was cleared by the U.S. Marshals.  He was pulled over for an expired car registration and arrested on a warrant when his license was run.

“The thing is that they know it’s not him, but they still have him in there, and that’s what’s heartbreaking,” said Hernandez, who is eight months pregnant, “They told us it wasn’t going to happen again, and fast-forward six years later, it happened again.”

The DEA responded to a request for comment last week saying, “[The] DEA is aware of claims that the man in custody is not the same person for whom the arrest warrant was issued.  [The] DEA takes all allegations of this nature seriously and is currently using every resource at our disposal to address the matter.”

“I’m happy. I’m just mad it took 11 days for them to finally get something, which is a long time, but I’m glad the process is going,” Hernandez said. “The sooner he’s out the better for this family.”


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