Tim Zickuhr, who appeared on Ice Road Truckers:  Deadliest Roads in 2011 on the History Channel has been accused of kidnapping a prostitute in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The arrest report describes the dispute between Zickuhr, 35, and Lisa Cadeau, described as a prostitute.  He allegedly allowed her to use his ATM card to withdraw cash and then became upset when he suspected she took more money than she was supposed to.

“Cadeau was then locked inside a closet tied up and was instructed to give ‘Tim’ someone’s phone number who could bring him the money that she owed him,” the police report said.

Zickuhr did not realize the number she supplied him was a police officer’s cell phone number, which had been given to her by an officer she knew as a “citizen source”.  The officer answered the phone and he allegedly said, “he currently had Snow White and if I didn’t bring $1,000 to a phone booth at Lynwood/Sahara he was going to go to Mexico to kill [her].”  The officer found Zickuhr and Cadeau behind a Las Vegas casino and arrested Zickuhr.

Zickuhr told the officer he planned to place Cadeau on Craigslist to make money off of her.

Zickuhr’s lawyer Roy Nelson told the media that he maintains his innocence and that the alleged victim has “major credibility issues”.


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