Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann, who acquitted Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito in 2011, is speaking out in defense of the pair.  On October 3rd, almost 3 years ago, Judge Hellmann confidently declared the two innocent of the murder of Meredith Kercher.

In 2013, when his acquittal decision was overturned on appeal (Italy does not have double jeopardy protections), he stated that the Italian Supreme Court ruling was not based on the facts, “the party of the prosecutors had influence on the Supreme Court of Cassation.  I expected that the decision of the Supreme Court would be the annulment…The influence of the prosecutors is very strong…”

Hellmann has since retired and has no doubt he made the right decision, “I want to see who will take [the] responsibility of convicting two innocent people or at least I challenge anyone to demonstrate that there is evidence…”

In that interview, Hellman dispelled rumors that America had influence over him to acquit Amanda Knox, “…we inherited a case already finished, in which we only had to evaluate the evidence…both the prosecution and the defense considered the DNA…the decisive evidence…”

“We examined that evidence, that in our judgement was not convincing…in light of a careful re-reading of the Penal Code…which requires an absolute certainty, beyond any reasonable doubt…For this my conscience is clear…We were aware of going against the protests…different interpretations…we acted in accordance with our consciences.”

“[The first trial] centered around the knife found in Sollecito’s home and the bra clasp of the victim…All the other elements against them were nonsense…”

“The judge of the first trial had not considered necessary a technical evaluation [of the DNA].  He based his findings on the work of the [authorities].  For the prosecutors it was sufficient…but when the defense…[on appeal] focused on the challenges…we decided to ask for an independent review.  [It]…completely dismantled the biological evidence.”

“…on the blade of the knife the traces were so tenuous that the genetic map…was too wide.  Those minor traces…could have been attributed [by anyone]…”  At trial, they were attributed to Meredith Kercher, thus making the knife the murder weapon.

“It’s true that there was DNA [on the bra clasp] that could be attributed to Sollecito, but there were also the DNA of three other men, demonstrating that it had been compromised…That exhibit…had been left there…Only a month and a half later did they decide to recover [it]…it was immediately noticeable that [in comparing the photographs], the bra clasp had been moved by more than a meter [more than 3 feet across the floor]…”

“…Sollecito frequented that house.  He was the boyfriend of Knox, who was the flatmate of Kercher…DNA traces can be deposited even from fragments of skin cells…that can be transported…[For example] From the shoe of a police officer entering the house…”

“In convicting Knox of slander, we explained that [she] was put under a hard interrogation…without a lawyer, without sleeping and with an interpreter who encouraged her to [confess]…In that context, she [accused] Patrick [Lumumba].  It didn’t come from nowhere…Lumumba was her boss…Accusing him could have seemed to her a way out to escape…Remember that [she] was a very young girl, recently arrived [in a foreign country], and she didn’t speak our language…For me it was logical that…she could say the wrong things…”

In a recent interview with CNN, Judge Hellmann spoke out again, stating that the new conviction was “the result of fantasy”.

“The Florence appeal court has written a script for a movie or a thriller book while it should have only considered the facts and evidence.”

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Amanda had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    She is the victim of a crazed sexed up witch hunt.


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