UPDATE:  10/24/2015 New Lockerbie Bombing Suspects to be Questioned

The relatives of 20 of the victims in the Lockerbie explosion have launched their third attempt to establish the truth behind the 1988 plane disaster that killed 270 people.  On the second anniversary of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi’s death, the families of the victims are seeking to overturn his conviction.  The Libyan intelligence officer was the only person found guilty of blowing up Pan Am flight 203 on December 21, 1988.  Dr. Jim Swire, whose 23-year-old daughter Flora was killed in the bombing, along with other victims’ relatives, believe he was an innocent man.

There are 20 British families who want the evidence that led to Megrahi’s conviction to be re-examined.

Dr. Swire said, “I have not approached U.S. relatives because there is a fixed idea among nearly all of them that Megrahi was guilty because the court found him guilty.  They don’t appear…interested in re-examination…I think to ask them to join…would be to invite…antagonism.”

Megrahi was compassionately released in 2009 after being diagnosed with prostate cancer and died still protesting his innocence.  The families would like the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC), who investigate alleged injustices, to look at the case.

After Meghrahi received his life sentence in 2001, he appealed, but he was denied.  A second appeal by Megrahi saw the SCCRC refer his case back to the court system because “there may have been a miscarriage of justice” and it was “in the interest of justice” to re-examine his case.  But Megrahi had to drop his appeal after his compassionate release in order to return to his home country of Libya.

Recent information has suggested that Iran may have been responsible for the attack.  The alleged motivation is revenge for the destruction of an Iranian plane that was accidentally shot down by the U.S.S. Vincennes a few months before the Lockerbie bombing.  The accidental shooting killed 290 people.


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