The media is already debating the sentencing verdict (sentencing is scheduled to begin Sept. 8th, about 6 months from now). Legal experts all over the place are weighing in on their opinion of whether or not Arias will be sentenced to life with parole, life without parole, or death.  Almost a year ago, Jodi Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder in a highly sensationalized Arizona capital murder case. Jurors were unable to agree on the sentencing, causing a mistrial for the penalty phase. Under Arizona law, if the jury deadlocks again, Judge Sherry Stephens will decide whether Arias will receive life in prison with or without parole.

Monica Lindstrom, co-host of “The Agenda” and legal correspondent for “Mac & Gaydos” on KTAR, says that Judge Stephens will probably choose life in prison without the possibility of parole since she “sat through the entire trial, she heard all the gruesome details, and there’s really not a whole lot of mitigating evidence…”

Experts generally agree that the defense team is at a disadvantage in the penalty phase.

Mark O’Mara, hired as a legal correspondent for CNN after successfully defending George Zimmerman, told HLN that Arias has a lot stacked against her.

“There’s really a lot against her, the fact that she tried to ingratiate herself to the jury and that didn’t work is really going to hurt, on the other hand the defense has to focus on this lady being out of touch with reality…trying to get away from the death penalty by showing that there’s things about Jodi Arias that you should sort of forgive her for, sympathize with her a little bit,” O’Mara said, “But that whole trial was nothing but a disaster and a train wreck for Jodi Arias…it’s going to be hard to get around.”

“[The] problem that we have with this new jury, they only get the overview of the case. Unfortunately, if there was going to be success for the defense, it was having Jodi Arias on the stand for so long that you sort of got to like her or got to realize that she [is] a little [mentally unstable].”

The new jurors are “not going to [get] that emotionalism attached…it’s going to work against Jodi Arias.”

Legal analyst and radio host Eboni Williams (also appearing on HLN) said that the prosecution has a strong case for capital punishment, “Especially now that we’re talking about the sentencing phase, it’s very different from…going for the actual conviction…Now they have to even more so harp on the egregious nature of what Jodi Arias did…And if I’m the prosecutor in this case, that’s exactly what I’m going to do, I’m going to lay it out step by step how gruesome and inhumane [it was], thereby making the only…appropriate [sentence] the death penalty…the prosecutor has to show Jodi as not out of touch or suffering…but instead manipulative and show intent…some negative connotation behind her behavior.”

Williams commented, “I’m the prosecutor, I hope she takes the stand again…”

  1. lagypsyrosel says:

    Jodi Arias has been at a disadvantage from the beginning. First, when she met Alexander and his bunch of sanctimonious Mormon friends who messed with her already fragile mind and with the system because she was of Mexican descent with no money. She stayed in jail 5 years before trial because she could not afford bail. Unlike rich defendants.

    O’Mara has the nerve to say she tried to ingratiate herself with the jury when in fact, she tried to present herself as a human being to counteract the monster image created by the media and the blood hungry public. She actually did a great job considering she was facing an unethical narrow minded prosecutor.

    I consider Zimmerman more dangerous than a person like Arias and he is free. If JA had money to hire O’Mara, he would be singing another tune.

    Shame on Arizona for wanting to put a mentally instable woman on death row when she had no propensity for violence and absolutely no priors. As far as the inhumane crime goes, it is typical of a crime of passion and nothing else. She was not prowling the neighborhood for a victim while packing a gun. She had a history of mental abuse with Alexander. He is not blameless in this story.
    Life or death is ridiculous and totally media driven.


    • Dan says:

      I totally agree with this assessment of the Jodi Arias trials. She needs treatment. I believe she could eventually return to normal life. Because of the LDS connection I do not believe ALL the evidence was presented since the trial took place in LDS territory.


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