29-year-old Zachary Adams has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of aggravated kidnapping and first degree felony murder in connection with Holly Bobo’s disappearance.

Last week, investigators searched Adams’ home in relation to an unrelated aggravated assault he was accused of.  Tennessee Bureau of Investigation director Mark Gwyn did not disclose at the press conference, announcing the indictment, what evidence if any was found during the search.  Adams’ home is about 15 miles from Bobo’s home.

District Attorney Hansel McCadams would not elaborate on the basis of the charges, but said, “We believe we can prove that she was taken forcefully from her home without her consent…based on the evidence that we have before us, we also felt that she was killed in the perpetration of that kidnapping.”

Holly Bobo, 20, a nursing student was last seen on April 13, 2011 by her brother.  He told authorities that he saw a man wearing hunting gear leading her into the woods near the family home.  Investigators and volunteers scoured the town and the surrounding area, but didn’t find Bobo.  The arrest comes three years after her disappearance.

Following Bobo’s disappearance and an interview of her mother and brother with HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell, social media was abuzz.  Accusations and speculation that the brother was lying and that he murdered his sister spread.

The Internet went on a rampage of accusations against Clint Bobo, who said in an interview in 2013, he never felt hated until his sister was abducted.

He was called a criminal and killer.  He received death threats, which are tragically not uncommon in cases.

Karen Bobo, said in the same 2013 interview, “they’re warped.  In my mind, they’re warped,” of the people accusing her son.

There were threads titled:  Is Holly Bobo’s Abduction a Hoax? and Clint Bobo – Is He Involved?    

Clint said that he awoke to hear his dog barking and voices, so he raised the blinds and looked out his window.  He said he saw Holly kneeling down with who appeared to be her boyfriend, Drew.

“They looked like they were kneeled down, facing each other in the garage, and they were talking back and forth.  Holly sounded very upset…I couldn’t make out hardly any of the words…”

He said he thought the two were breaking up.  Karen Bobo had been called by a neighbor after they heard a scream.  She called her son and told him, “that’s not Drew.”  Clint was confused, he knew that Drew had gone turkey hunting that morning and the man he saw Holly with was wearing camouflage and talking to his sister, so he assumed that it had to be her boyfriend.  Clint went and looked again and saw the man and Holly walking into the woods.

Clint Bobo was interrogated by police and the TBI, but was cleared fairly quickly.  Despite this, people attacked Clint online, saying it was suspicious he didn’t help a woman, especially his sister, who was being grabbed by a man.  Clint Bobo got the brunt of the attacks against the family, though some other people were also accused by the public.

According to media reports, Adams was served with an order of protection from his mother in 2004, when he allegedly shot her in the knee.  Three months after Bobo disappeared, Rebecca Earp said that Adams grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the floor.  She said that Adams threatened to shoot her and then pushed her against a truck and continued to hit her.  Last month, Amber Bray said that she feared for her life when Adams held a black revolver to her head and threatened her.

In 2004, Adams pled guilty to aggravated assault of his mother and was sentenced to six months in jail or rehab.  He pled guilty to misdemeanor assault in the Earp case and was sentenced to 120 days in jail or rehab.  The Bray case is still pending.

Several news stations are reporting that Holly Bobo’s mother was Zachary Adams’ fourth grade teacher.  It is unclear whether this is relevant to the case.

The investigation is ongoing.


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