Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys Scott Shuker and Keith Mitnik have released Casey Anthony’s deposition taken in late-January despite an agreement not to do so.  It is my understanding that they accomplished this by attaching it to a Motion to Compel, in which they want the bankruptcy judge to force Casey Anthony to answer certain questions either her or her attorneys, Cheney Mason or David Schrader, objected to or asserted the Fifth Amendment for.  Most of the objectionable questions were asked about Caylee by Mr. Mitnik, despite the fact that Mr. Shuker made an agreement with Casey Anthony’s attorneys as a representative of Zenaida Gonzalez’s team of attorneys, that no questions pertaining to Caylee Anthony would be asked.

Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys have been criticized for what appears to be showboating due to the massive number of interviews some of Gonzalez’s attorneys and herself have made since 2008 and the language they used in these appearances including on HLN talking about “making” Casey Anthony tell everyone what “really” happened to her daughter, so that she couldn’t make any money.  Recently, Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys claimed that this is not about a show for the public, but instead about her being allegedly defamed and injured.  To prove this, they agreed to the aforementioned two agreements.

However, it seems as though Mr. Mitnik decided he suddenly didn’t agree with the agreement and released the deposition anyway.  To some people this could seem like a purposeful act to get this out into the public.  The document is even labeled “CONFIDENTIAL – FOR ATTORNEYS’ EYES ONLY”.

There is a hearing scheduled for March 4th on the Motion to Compel and on a yet to be filed Motion to Strike by Casey Anthony’s attorneys.

You can read the full deposition here —> Casey Anthony Deposition.


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