The Justice Dept Will Investigate Mysterious Texas Death

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Justice, News
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The Department of Justice is investigating the mysterious death of Alfred Wright, a physical therapist who disappeared and then was found dead under strange circumstances in an isolated area in Texas, according to U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson.

Wright, 28, was last seen alive on November 7th when he stopped at a liquor store after having trouble with his truck.  He was on his way to a patient.  Local law enforcement initiated searches, but gave up.  His family continued searching for him and found his partially clothed body 19 days later in an area supposedly searched by police.  The medical examiner ruled Wright’s death an accident, but a pathologist hired by the family noticed “severe trauma” to the body.

Wright called from the CL&M Grocery store on Route 87 to ask for someone to pick him up because of problems with his truck.  When they arrived to help him, he was gone.  The next day, his personal effects, including his watch and ID were found at a nearby ranch.  The sheriff reportedly told the family that the case was probably drug-related.  Family and friends refused to give up and found Wright wearing only boxer shorts, tennis shoes, and one sock, inside which his cell phone was located.

Wright was missing an ear, two teeth, and his tongue.  His throat was cut, but the medical examiner attributed all of his trauma to “animal and insect activity”.  The coroner’s toxicology report found Wright had cocaine and methamphetamine in his system.  It was concluded that he died from combined drug intoxication.

Family members said that Wright never used drugs.  The local sheriff’s department handed the case over to the Texas Rangers, who said that they suspect foul play, disagreeing with local authorities.  They then called the FBI to assist their investigation.

  1. Danny R. says:

    That’s horrible.


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