Judge Sherry Stephens has set Jodi Arias’ sentencing for March 17th.  The sentencing will decide whether Jodi Arias will be sentenced to life in prison or execution.

Arias, 33, was convicted of first-degree murder last year after a very sensationalized, televised 5 month trial.  This time around, the judge has limited journalists access to avoid the ferocious and at times inaccurate coverage from affecting jurors.  The trial will not be live streamed or live broadcast and no one will be allowed to use electronics in the courtroom, which means no one will be allowed to live update using Twitter or other social media sites.  Judge Stephens has said she expects interest in the case to have waned by now.

Jury selection will begin on that date, but while the media will be kept under more control, the jurors will not be sequestered.  According to Arizona law, if the second jury fails to reach a consensus, the judge will decide whether Arias will be sentenced to 25 to life or life without the possibility of parole.  It is still unclear how the prosecution and defense will show the second jury the facts of the case, established for the first jury in the innocence/ guilt phase, in order for them to make an informed, legal decision during the sentencing phase.

Earlier speculation about a February date was inaccurate.


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