Florida Firefighter is an Alleged Serial Rapist

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Justice, News
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A Deltona firefighter is facing four rape-related charges after another woman came forward this week to accuse him of attacking her at his home.  At least 8 women have accused Terry Freeman, 32, a Deltona firefighter, of rape.  The other four cases are still being investigated.

The latest case involves an Orange City woman who contacted police Monday.  She told investigators that she met Freeman in a college class and went to his house to study.  There he grabbed her by the hair, forced her into a bedroom, and attacked her.  He faces charges including attempted sexual battery, false imprisonment, sexual battery, and sexual battery with a deadly weapon.  Freeman was first arrested on December 31st when an Altamonte Springs woman accused him of date rape after a date on December 27th.  They had reportedly met at a Sanford furniture store.  Most of the cases stem from women who went on a date with the firefighter.

Another case involves a 39-year-old woman who said she met Freeman while at work.  The two went on a date and she denied his sexual advances, but claims he forced himself on her anyway.  

“You hear of stories where women have fought back and were beaten or killed,” the alleged victim told deputies, “You hear stories where women who don’t fight back are able to walk away safely.”

The woman told deputies she came forward after hearing news reports of Freeman’s first arrest.  Another woman, who also came forward after seeing news reports, says Freeman assaulted her in 2011.  Volusia County authorities also say another sexual assault case against Freeman that had been closed in 2011 is being reopened.  Volusia County Investigator John Brady told a local news station that he considers Freeman a “serial date rapist” who used his authoritative position to gain the trust of unsuspecting women.


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