Several media reports cite Travis Alexander’s brother Steven Alexander as saying that the next hearing date for Jodi Arias is January 3rd.

A post on The State vs. Jodi Arias Facebook page cites Steven Alexander also saying:

“Letting everybody know, the trial isn’t due to start until mid-February…”

The court has not released any official date for Arias’ sentencing.  Arias was convicted of first-degree/felony murder in May of this year, but the jury could not reach a sentencing agreement.  The sentencing portion was declared a mistrial.  Prosecutors decided to pursue the death penalty a second time.  A new jury will be seated.

Arias, 33, admitted she killed her boyfriend in 2008 at his suburban Phoenix home, but claimed it was self-defense.  The jury did not believe her, but some of them could not decide whether the crime was premeditated or felony.  All twelve of the jurors voted for first-degree premeditated murder and seven of them also voted for felony murder.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    So anxious for blood.


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