Amanda Knox has written an impassioned letter to the Italian court currently deciding her guilt or innocence in the murder of her ex-roommate Meredith Kercher.

She tells the court:  “I am not present in court because I am scared. I am scared that the vehemence of the prosecutor will move you and that the smoke they are using will blind you.  I am innocent. I did not kill, rape, steal, mastermind, instigate. I did not kill Meredith and I did not participate in her murder.”

Knox, 26, says she has suffered “six years of torture”.  Knox’s five-page letter is a comprehensive argument of innocence in the death of Meredith Kercher in 2007.  Knox spent four years in an Italian prison before being acquitted in 2011.  Italy’s Supreme Court overturned her acquittal and ruled that a new trial should be held claiming that the appeals court did not answer important questions in the case.  There are no double jeopardy protections in Italy; a person acquitted of a crime can be retried for the same crime.

Knox’s lawyers made their summations in the third trial Tuesday and submitted the letter as part of the defense.  The unusual statement was made after Luciano Ghirga, Knox’s lawyer, asked the court if the American could make a “spontaneous declaration” (a personal statement permitted by Italian courts, but not considered evidence).  Reportedly, judge Alessandro Nencini was annoyed by the request saying spontaneous declarations are not possible for those that do not go to court.  The judge eventually relented saying, “We will read an email from a person which the Knox lawyers claim to have been written by Amanda Knox.”  Knox did not return for the third trial and is not required to by law.

In her letter, Knox argues that the evidence indicates she is innocent.  She points out that none of her DNA was found at the crime scene and that her lengthy interrogation in a foreign country resulted in a coerced, “extorted” confession after investigators lied to her.  She tried to recant immediately.  She writes that her “odd” behavior and seeming happiness and cuddling after the murder was not an indication of a cold-blooded killer, but of her need to be comforted by her boyfriend.

“The prosecution has failed in its attempt to prove that I was on the murder scene and that I was the one to fatally stab her without leaving any DNA of mine on the scene. This is because it would have been impossible for me to erase all of my DNA evidence on the crime scene and leave that of another person. Either I was there or I wasn’t…”

Knox denies the prosecution’s argument that her and Kercher did not get along, “She never gave me so much as a dirty look.”

“I am not a psychopath.  Nor any of the long list of insults which have been attributed to me during this trial.”

She also lists the names and adjectives she has been called by prosecutors:  “Conniving, manipulating, man-eater, narcissist, enchantress, duplicitous, adulterer, drug addict, an explosive mix of drugs, sex and alcohol, dirty, witch, murderer, slanderer, demon, depraved, imposter, promiscuous, succubus, evil, dead inside, pervert, dissolute, psychopath, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, rapist, thief, reeking of sex, Judas, she-devil, Luciferina…”

“This is fantasy.”

Knox ends her letter by concluding that prosecutors are trying her for a third time because “they cannot bring themselves to admit, even to themselves, that they’ve made a terrible mistake.”

A verdict could come as early as January.

Rudy Guede, a known burglar, who has admitted to several break-ins including one where he brandished a knife when confronted, was convicted in 2008 in Kercher’s death.  A few days before Kercher’s murder, Guede was caught with an 11-inch knife after breaking into a nursery school.  Guede’s fingerprints were found at the scene of Kercher’s murder as well as his bloody palm print on a pillow under Kercher’s disrobed body.  He was extradited for trial from Germany where he fled days after the murder.  Guede is currently serving sixteen years in prison for murder and sexual assault.  He is eligible for release in 2014.  Kercher died after suffering knife wounds, blood loss, and being suffocated.

Read Knox’s letter by clicking below (opens as a PDF):


  1. Lon Spector says:

    Amanda is safe from the sex crazed Grande Inquisitors. That’s one thing to be grateful for.


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