ali_salimAli Salim (above), 44, a former doctor, pled guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter in October, in the death of Deanna Ballman.

deannaballmanDeanna Ballman (left) was an expectant mother who was raped and killed.  She was suffering from financial difficulties, recently had moved from Colorado to Ohio alone with her two children, and separated from her husband.  In her despondent state, she turned to prostitution and answered a Craigslist ad posted by Salim, offering $200.

 Ali Salim used Craigslist frequently to meet women and often supplied drugs to them.  Many of the women were young, drug-addicted prostitutes.  Several of these women allege that Salim drugged them against their will and others said he raped them.  Salim wrote prescriptions for several women and bought heroin for others in exchange for sexual relations when they visited his upscale house.  Ballman, 23, died from a fatal heroin overdose.

Salim’s attorney, Sam Shamansky previously alleged that Ballman was a prostitute who overdosed herself while feeding a drug problem.  Ballman was found dead in the backseat of her car on a rural road a few miles from Salim’s house.  She was nine months pregnant and had planned to name the girl, Mabel.

Salim admitted to forcibly injecting Ballman with heroin, which killed her.  Salim also pled guilty to tampering with evidence and abusing a corpse.  He entered a no contest plea to rape, meaning he maintains his innocence, but acknowledges that prosecutors could convict him.

Salim had originally said that Ballman was alive when she left his house and he drove her to a grocery store where he gave her directions on how to get home.  He then said she got out and walked.  Investigators say that there is video evidence, taken by Salim, of Ballman nude and unconscious on Salim’s bed suffering from a heroin overdose.

Salim “furnished and administered heroin to a young lady who was nine months pregnant, a young lady who, by his own admission, declined even a glass of wine,” according to court documents.

Salim, an emergency room physician, neglected his duties to help Ballman, “without regard for mother or child, he dumped their bodies in a remote location…”

A second motion filed last week asks Judge Duncan Whitney to allow investigators to destroy video, photo, and audio evidence in the case because it is “obscene” and it shows acts that Ballman did not consent to and was unconscious during.

“Some of the material further displays extreme and bizarre violence and cruelty,” the filing said.

Salim’s sentencing is set for December 20th.   Prosecutors are pushing for the maximum sentence of 37 years.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    The priorities we have in this land are truly tragic.


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