Physician’s Assistant Arrested for Allegedly Kidnapping Women

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Justice, News
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A California physician’s assistant was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting women over the past year and a half.  Lonnie Scott Keith was taken into custody after his car was pulled over for a traffic violation.  When police noticed that his rear passenger seat had blankets covering the windows, the officers asked to search the vehicle and Keith consented.  Officers discovered equipment that Keith allegedly used to sexually assault women.  Police had been investigating a rash of rapes, the last being late 2012.  In each assault, a man forced a college-aged woman into the back of his car.  Then he injected them with a sedative.  At least one of the kidnapped women was sexually assaulted.

In a September 2012 incident, a dark-colored sedan, matching the description of Keith’s car, was used.  However, in an October 2012 incident, a dark-colored SUV was used.  The women reported that the cars had blankets and sheets in them to conceal the windows.  The women also reported having their hands and feet bound with zip ties and their eyes covered with tape.  The suspect reportedly wore a stocking over his face and latex or rubber gloves.

Keith was allegedly found with two syringes containing an unknown substance, latex or rubber gloves, and several cut tape strips in his vehicle.  Police also found metal handcuffs, leg restraints, zip ties, prescription drugs with sedative qualities, and a stun gun.  The unknown substance allegedly matches the substance found in one victim’s system after a toxicology test was done.  Police believe that the car was stockpiled for more assaults.

According to police, Keith recently sold an SUV that matches the description of the other vehicle used in the kidnappings.  That vehicle has been located and is being processed for evidence.  Keith, a part-time physician’s assistant at a local medical center and occupational health clinic, is married with four children and has no prior arrest record.  According to an official at his workplace, Keith does not have access to the medications allegedly used to drug the women.  The center provides medical services for drug and alcohol testing to employers for work-related accidents.

His trial is set for March of next year.


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