Judge K. Rodney May has approved the October agreement between Casey Anthony and Texas EquuSearch.  Under the terms of the settlement, EquuSearch agreed to drop its complaint objecting to Anthony’s bankruptcy.  Anthony agreed to allow EquuSearch to claim $75,000 unsecured as a creditor without objecting.  Under the conditions, Anthony is not forced to admit any wrongdoing.

In a press release, EquuSearch said the decision to settle was after “considerable thought…the time and money that [EquuSearch] must spend to pursue these claims are being taken from other families that really need their help,” EquuSearch lawyers Wites & Kapetan and Russin & Budwick said.

“It’s one of those things where if we continued fighting it would cost us more money than we would ever get back…Our time is better served not in a court room in Florida…” says Miller.

EquuSearch had objected to Anthony’s bankruptcy because it said that it spent $100,000 searching for Caylee Anthony when Casey Anthony knew, as stated at trial by her defense attorneys, that her daughter was already dead.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Casey is by no means “lost.” There is a whole spritual “vista” Casey can explore with
    many loving people who would be more then delighted to help her.


  2. I think they wasted time pursuing this in the first place. She has no money, doesn’t make sense.


  3. Pitchforks says:

    Seems like an intelligent and fair agreement on both sides.


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