Social media posts about a crime witnesses’ information have landed a Philadelphia teenager in jail.  Prosecutors are accusing 17-year-old Nasheen Anderson of using Twitter to reveal the names of witnesses.  He is charged with witness intimidation and making terroristic threats.  This action is a window into how much social media has come to negatively affect the justice system.  Just as social media can help police find suspects or get information out to the public, it can also derail cases severely.

“The actions of this teenager could have lasting repercussions…” District Attorney Seth Williams said.

Anderson is accused of posting witness information related to a 2012 Philadelphia shooting.  He allegedly posted information from an Instagram account known as “Rats215” that listed photos and information about criminal witnesses.  Prosecutors would like to try Anderson as an adult.

“Witness intimidation has reached near epidemic levels and we are very serious about not only stopping it, but also prosecuting the criminals who are engaging in these despicable actions to [the] fullest extent of the law, ” Williams said.


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