Accused Teen Bomber Case Will Go To Juvenile Court Not Adult

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Justice, News
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A Boulder County, Colorado teen will not face adult charges after all.  The District Attorney for the case decided to return the case to juvenile court after reviewing all the information.  Authorities arrested and charged the 16-year-old student, last May, as an adult, but the D.A. has changed his mind.

“Police officers, the bomb squad, the federal authorities, and the school district and their opinion were very important to us,” said Boulder County DA Stan Garnett, “If he is found guilty he would have to do a combination of treatment and consequences that will A) protect the community but B) give this young man the opportunity to finish his education and move forward with a productive life.”

Police said that had the homemade device, which had a 9V battery, exploded it would have hurt people.  The defense in the case was going to be that the teen didn’t mean to hurt anyone, didn’t hurt anyone, and it was just a bad prank.  Garnett said all of this went into his decision.

The student is still charged with attempted murder, possession of explosives, and felony menacing.  The maximum penalty under juvenile law, if he is convicted, is 5 years in Colorado, meaning he could be released at the age of 21.  Had he been tried as an adult and convicted, he would have faced up to 48 years in prison, which means he might not have been released until he was 64.



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