The Philadelphia Police announced that Ronald Dove, a 16-year homicide detective veteran will be suspended with intent to dismiss after the Commissioner Charles Ramsey discovered that Dove is not participating in the Internal Affairs probe against him.  Dove was making $160,000 a year at work, but is now being looked at for at least 3 murder cover-ups and a disappearance.

“There was enough to show that he was not totally forthcoming with information thus far and that was sufficient reason for me to take administrative action,” Ramsey said of Dove, who hasn’t shown up for work since he was placed on desk duty.

The Internal Affairs investigation revealed, “there was some information he had that he didn’t pass along that he should have,” the commissioner went on to say.  Internal Affairs and the District Attorney’s Office are working together to determine if there is cause to file criminal charges against Dove.  Dove, 41, is being investigated for possible involvement in:

The July 2010 fatal shooting of Leslie Delzingaro at a bar that was owned by Dove’s girlfriend’s father.  Dove was assigned the case to investigate and the victim’s family filed a complaint against him raising questions about his conflict of interest.  This homicide is unsolved.  Dove may have withheld or mishandled information.

The May 2012 murder of Melanie Colon who was last seen with Reynaldo Torres, who vanished at the same time and is still missing.  Investigators are exploring the possibility that Torres was murdered along with Colon and buried somewhere else.  Colon’s body was found in a wooded area behind an apartment complex.  She had been shot multiple times.  Police reopened the investigation after finding relevant information on Dove’s iPad.  The information led officers to search an area where a K9 officer picked up on the possible scent of human remains.

The Sept. 8, 2013 stabbing death of Cesar Vera, the ex-boyfriend of Dove’s girlfriend.  Dove’s girlfriend, Erica Sanchez has surrendered to police and is accused of the murder.  Among other things, Internal Affairs believes that Dove’s phone records show that he drove Sanchez to a hotel in New York, aiding her flight after the murder, and bought her a room using his credit card.  Then, he visited her two weeks later, but told detectives he didn’t know where his longtime girlfriend was.  He admitted to investigators that he had moved Sanchez’s car for her, but said he didn’t know anything about the murder.  He told them he moved it because her ex-boyfriend, the murder victim, had a habit of stealing it.  Police have not been able to find the car and Dove said he doesn’t remember where he put it.  Police believe that Dove took the car from the crime scene and allowed Sanchez to use his car.  He also reportedly requested that officers “go easy” on her.

Dove allegedly told his colleagues that he helped his girlfriend flee because Vera’s friends wanted to kill her.  Vera and Sanchez had a violent relationship.  In April, months before the murder, Vera was arrested after he stole $70 from Sanchez, slammed her head into the dashboard of a vehicle and then punched her several times in the face.  Vera was then arrested again two months later for allegedly trying to burn Sanchez’s hair off.  Sanchez refused to testify against him and his charges were dismissed, in both cases.  Witnesses told police that the two had been at a block party and had been constantly fighting.  At one point in the night, Vera pulled Sanchez out of a car and punched her.

This isn’t the first 16-year veteran to be investigated, just a few days ago, Lt. Marques Newsome was suspended with intent to dismiss after he was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly beating up his girlfriend.  And around the same time, a Common Pleas Court judge in Philadelphia reversed dozens of narcotics convictions that used the testimony of a former cop Jeffrey Walker, who was arrested in May in a federal corruption investigation.

“We need to determine whether any criminal activity took place as part of or related to the [Erica] Sanchez case,” Ramsey said, referring to Dove’s girlfriend, “or other cases.”

“I’m hurt. It makes me think about the police department in Philadelphia…I’m not feeling real happy about what I’m hearing now,” Louis Colon said, the father of Melanie Colon, “I’m hoping that maybe something can come out of this so I can find out what happened to my daughter.”


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