Alexander Bradley, a Connecticut man, who authorities have wanted to talk to in connection with the Aaron Hernandez investigation has finally been found and will be extradited to Massachusetts as a material witness despite objections by Bradley’s attorney.  Bradley, who was found by U.S. Marshals, will be arraigned on charges of criminal violation of a protective order and interfering with an investigation.

A Massachusetts grand jury is currently investigating Hernandez, a former NFL star, for his possible role in a 2012 Boston double homicide.  Bradley was supposed to testify in front of that grand jury in September to argue that he shouldn’t be required to comply, but he never showed up.  Judge Joan Alexander issued an arrest warrant.  His bail was set at $250,000, cash only, because in addition to not appearing as a subpoena required, according to the judge, he has been charged with third-degree burglary, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and third-degree assault because he allegedly smashed a window and assaulted a victim, who is subject to a protective order.

Attorney Robert Pickering argued that by setting such a high bail the judge was making a summary judgement that Bradley had intentionally skipped out on court.  Pickering said that Bradley did not and he never received notice.  The judge said that the defense’s argument was “without merit.”  Calling Bradley a “material and necessary witness” in the grand jury investigation, Alexander ordered that the Department of Corrections permit Massachusetts authorities to transport Bradley to appear before the grand jury on Tuesday.

Bradley is the man who has filed a civil lawsuit against Hernandez, alleging that he shot him in the eye last February.  Bradley did testify in front of a different Massachusetts grand jury who ended up indicting Hernandez for the murder of Odin Lloyd.  The grand jury was interested in the “similarities” between Bradley and Lloyd’s cases.
A source said Suffolk County authorities are interested in hearing from Bradley because they believe he may have knowledge of the drive-by shooting that killed two men.  Hernandez has been the target of the investigation since authorities, investigating Lloyd’s murder, discovered a car, rented in his name, that matched the description of the vehicle sought in the double murder.  A law enforcement source said the car, which Boston authorities seized in June, had been parked in Hernandez’s uncle’s garage for about a year. Authorities also have surveillance footage that shows Hernandez was at the same nightclub as the victims hours before the shooting.

Hernandez is next scheduled to appear Wednesday in Fall River Superior Court for an Oct. 9 hearing.



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