After getting into a car accident, Jonathon Ferrell went to the nearest home for help.  The woman who lived there assumed the worst.  On the 911 call, she can be heard crying, “There’s a guy breaking in my front door.”

The dispatcher repeats: “There’s a guy breaking in your front door?”

She responds, “He’s trying to kick it down.”

She tells the dispatcher that the man is yelling.  She describes him as wearing a green shirt and khakis or jeans.

“Oh my God, are they almost here?” she says as she waits for police.

This frantic 911 call brought police to a North Carolina home where minutes later 10 bullets were shot into a 24-year-old unarmed man who was looking for help after a car accident.  Randall Kerrick, the police officer who shot him, faces a felony charge of voluntary manslaughter.  The release of the 911 tape to the media is the latest development in a case that is drawing national attention.  Some people believe the officer should have been charged with murder.  Voluntary manslaughter is the killing of a human being in which the offender had no prior intent and acted during “the heat of passion”.

Kerrick and other officers responded to what they believed was an attempted burglary or home invasion in progress.  When they got there, they saw a man matching the caller’s description coming toward them.  That’s when they assumed the worst.  A police video caught through the dashboard of one of the police cruisers shows, according to Chris Chestnut, the family’s attorney, that Ferrell was coming toward the police with his hands out.  He was clearly unarmed.  He proceeds to panic as two laser beams hit his chest.

“Then he gets excited, and he’s like — ‘wait, wait, wait’ — and he’s coming forward saying, ‘stop,’ and he goes off camera, and you just hear shots. One, two, three, four…pause…one, two, three, four, five, six…pause. One, two.”

The video is currently sealed as part of the investigation.  The police originally said that Kerrick fired at Ferrell after the use of a stun gun was “unsuccessful”, but now police say that Kerrick had no cause to shoot Ferrell and it was excessive use of force.

Chesnut believes the video shows one thing, “Cold blooded,” he said. “Badge or no badge, that’s murder.”

“We’re not going to make any general statements about the evidence at this time, as the case is still pending. We’re going to allow this case to be tried in a court of law,” Michael Green, Kerrick’s defense attorney said.

In a statement to investigators regarding the shooting, Kerrick said he suffered injuries and was assaulted.  A probable cause hearing has been set for October 7th.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    More tragedies are caused by misperceptions -a failure to communicate- then anything else. People are not nearly alert as they should be -they fall into their “roles”- like sleepwalkers, so accidents occur.


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