According to WBTV, Sandy and Casey Parsons, the adoptive parents of missing teen Erica Parsons, will be in a “legal quagmire” if they try to sell their home.  The home is the last place investigators can corroborate that Erica Parsons lived.  Erica’s adoptive grandfather, William Parsons, bought the home in April of 2011 after it had been seized in foreclosure.

At issue is whether or not the Parsons have the legal right to sell the home that they live in.  William Parsons told the Salisbury Post that he isn’t selling the home and he didn’t give them permission to.  Casey Parsons told WBTV that they do have a right to sell the house and that Sandy Parson’s parents are forcing them out.

“They’re trying to be so mean,” Parsons said.  “We have the paper.  We’re the ones that did the work, put the well down, put the air conditioning unit in, we have thousands in that house.”

She claims to have a contract proving that she and her husband have an agreement with William Parsons to purchase the house, but he broke the contract by not accepting their payments since August.

“I’m so tired of all these people accusing us of lies,” Parsons told WBTV.  “I want to be able to prove one time…we do have the right to sell this house.”

The couple’s attorney said that they are moving to escape hounding media attention.  Erica Parsons disappeared in November of 2011, but was not reported missing for 2 years (July 30, 2013).  Her adoptive brother reported her missing following a family dispute.  The Parsons adopted Erica, their biological relative, when she was an infant.  They claim they haven’t seen her since they sent her to live with Irene Goodman, her biological grandmother, in December of 2011.  Investigators haven’t found any evidence that a woman by that name is related to Erica or that she exists at all.

Investigators believe that foul play is involved in Erica Parson’s disappearance and they say they believe that the parents have not been truthful with them.  No one has been charged in connection with the case.  Investigators are asking the public to be patient and allow them to investigate Erica’s disappearance thoroughly.  The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Friday saying that local, state, and federal investigators are working the case “day and night”.

“The goal of any investigation is to determine if a crime has been committed…If so, [to] build a case on each and every law violated and gather the evidence needed for a positive prosecutory outcome at trial…There are many layers to investigations and it can take time…police investigations are not as clear-cut as they may seem to the public…” the sheriff’s office said in the statement.


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