A homeless teenager, 17-year-old Logan Santos, was charged after an incident at his former high school.

“If someone is here, that we are not aware should be, that could create a problem,” said Gaye Driggers, principal of Carolina Forest High School.

The teenager who now lives in a friend’s car, his family lives in Conway, South Carolina, sat in the car during the school day on August 29th waiting for his friend to be done at school.  During the lunch break, his friend brought him some food.  After eating lunch, Santos went for a walk with his friend.  Santos then went back to the car and his friend back to school.  Santos faces charges of “disturbing schools” and his friend was suspended.

Santos told WNEM that he is “not a bad person” and was simply hungry.  His stepfather, Alfred Souza, told the station that the last time he saw Santos he looked underweight and unhealthy.  The family said that they didn’t kick him out despite his troubled history; Santos chooses not to live with them.

“I’m more hurt that people are looking at us…” said Souza.

The school said they have a program in place to help students with issues, including homelessness.  Logan Santos is not currently enrolled in the school, so he isn’t eligible.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    This is why Jesus junked the law. He said “Do onto others has you would have them do
    unto you.”
    If we all did that, we wouldn’t penalize people for eating lunch at schools.


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