The frontman for the metal band As I Lay Dying, Timothy Lambesis, will stand trial on a charge of trying to hire a hitman to kill his estranged wife, Meggan.  The preliminary hearing featured several hours of testimony by prosecution witnesses, including the undercover officer who said he posed as a hit man called “Red”.  San Diego County sheriff’s Officer Howard Bradley testified that Lambesis met him at a bookstore and he said he wanted his wife “gone”.  Bradley said he asked Lambesis directly if he wanted his wife killed and the singer replied, “Yes I do.”

Lambesis’ wife had restricted his visits with their three children after they separated, Bradley testified.  Lambesis was also allegedly angry because his wife wanted a large chunk of his income as a settlement in the divorce.  Bradley said Lambesis told him at the end of their meeting, “‘just to clarify, just so you know, I do want her dead.’”  The singer allegedly gave him a manila envelope containing his wife’s photograph, the security code to her home, a description of her vehicle, and $1,000.  He also wrote down three dates that would be best for the hit because his children would be with him.

The price for the hit was set at $20,000 according to Bradley.  Lambesis has pleaded not guilty to solicitation for murder. If convicted, he could face up to nine years.  An investigation was initiated by police after they received a report that Lambesis had asked his personal trainer to help kill his wife.  The police arranged for the man to help set up the sting.

Lambesis’ defense attorney, Thomas Warwick, previously said in a statement that his client was taking steroids and the drugs had a devastating effect on his mental state.  Lambesis has been free on $2 million bail since May and wearing a GPS monitor.


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