judgesherrystephensJudge Sherry Stephens has reset the hearing on motions for the second penalty-phase trial of Jodi Arias to October 4th.  The hearing had been scheduled for today.  Judge Stephens disclosed no reason for the delay.  The same hearing had been rescheduled previously to today because Judge Stephens said she hadn’t read the motions filed.  Arias’ lawyers have filed motions seeking sequestration for the new penalty jurors to shield them from prejudicial and false coverage and comments, as well as a motion asking for no cameras in the courtroom, among other motions.

Arias, 33, was convicted of first-degree murder on May 8th in the 2008 murder of Travis Alexander in his home.  She claimed self-defense.  The jury was unable to come to a unanimous agreement on punishment, so a mistrial was declared.  Under Arizona law, the prosecution can take the death penalty off the table or retry the penalty phase one more time.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    I know you feel that physical attractiveness should NOT play a role in accessing a person’s
    guilt or innocence but it always has and always will! What I say may sound outrageous but I have to say it. You know the T.V. show Dexter, where everybody and his brother is a serial killer? All the murderers are young, attractive and white. Those three attributes carry power in this
    society. I believe that Jodi should just be released-now! Do you think that Jodi would kill again? I don’t. Travis gambled on the wrong horse and he payed for it. He went into the relationship with both eyes open. He wanted excitement, but bit off more then he could chew. I like to see pretty scenery, not ugly prison walls. Let Jody go!


    • Studies show that women who kill their lovers have the lowest recidivism rates. I think it is a possibility that if she were in a relationship like this one again, where he treated her so badly, she could do it again. That being said, I think she needs psychological help if for no other reason then the after effects on her psyche of realizing that she could be so brutal. If she got mental health treatment the possibility would certainly decrease. Personally, I think she was shocked by her brutally and I don’t think she would murder someone again.

      Attractiveness can also work against you. If people keep getting told by the media that people are only being found not guilty because of their attractiveness (i.e. Jane Velez-Mitchell on the Casey Anthony case), then in a counterculture lash out, the viewers of those types of programs could end up on juries and convict because of that. Attractiveness should not play a role and I’m sure it can just like race, gender, socioeconomic status, weight, lifestyle, etc. All of which have nothing to do with the facts. Justice is supposed to be blind for a reason. I just don’t buy that 12 people of different genders could all acquit someone because they are attracted to them.

      HLN and supposed news programs like it use a very similar formula as scripted shows that’s why you see HLN, for example, talk a lot about looks, appearance, sex, etc.


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