Christina West can be heard screaming during a video that shows her face being slammed into a police car during her August 10th arrest for an alleged DUI.  State Attorney Willie Meggs called the footage, “very disturbing…I am extremely upset.”

Meggs told WCTV that the video was one of the worst he has ever seen.  The Tallahassee Police Department is currently undergoing an internal investigation.  West was booked on DUI and battery of a law-enforcement officer.  She was treated for “a broken orbital bone, along with a swollen eye, bloody nose and cuts to her arms and legs.”

In the footage, recorded by a dashboard camera in a police car, the officers are seen trying to handcuff her after she fails a field-breath test.  They appear to slam her into the car, throw her to the road, and get on top of her.

She is heard to say: “I think you broke my right cheek.”

An officer responds: “You’re fine.”

She says: “I’m not fine, you ***hole…”  She then screams in pain.

She had lost control of her car and drove into an empty house.  Tallahassee police chief Dennis Jones said: “We regret that Ms West was injured.”  Only part of the video has been released to the public.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    People always talk about “infamous” sociopathic criminals. Many of them wear blue.


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