16-year-old Sheila Eddy has been upgraded to an adult after being accused of plotting and murdering her friend, Skylar Neese.  Eddy’s case was moved from juvenile court to adult court in a closed-door hearing in Monongalia County Circuit Court.  Prosecutor Marcia Ashdown announced the move in a press release.  Eddy is charged with luring Skylar Neese out of her home last summer, driving her to a wooded area in Pennsylvania with 16-year-old Rachel Shoaf, and stabbing her to death.  Shoaf pled guilty to second-degree murder previously and is awaiting her sentencing.  Prosecutors said they want to seek a 20-year sentence as part of the plea deal, but Shoaf could get as many as 40 years under law.  Shoaf told the police that the two killed Neese because they didn’t want to be friends with her anymore.  Neese’s parents believe that there is more to the story.  Shoaf’s family issued a public apology.  Dave Neese, the victim’s father, said he doesn’t want to go through a trial, “I don’t want to hear the grisly details of how Skylar was murdered…But I do want these girls to get what they deserve.”

When asked in a press conference announcing that Eddy would be transferred from juvenile to adult status, Chief Propst said, “We got absolutely no cooperation from the other suspect whatsoever. During questioning it was just a series of lies and evasive answers. She seemed at the time to be in a state of disbelief and denial. I don’t think she fully realized the gravity of the situation she was facing.”

Skylar Neese, a University High School honors student, snuck out of her ground-floor bedroom and never came home.  Surveillance video shows her getting into a car at the end of her residential street in West Virgina.  She took no money and even left her contact lenses at home, apparently expecting to return.  For 9 months, her family searched for her.  On January 3rd, Shoaf admitted to police what happened and showed them where the body was.  Skylar’s remains were hidden under branches and brush in a secluded spot in Wayne Township, Pennsylvania.  Shoaf told police they were unable to bury her.

The transcript from Shoaf’s plea hearing shows that other students were suspicious of the two teens and talked on social media about it.  A few said that they overheard the girls plotting, but didn’t report it, saying they thought it was a joke.  Eddy has refused to plead guilty.

The family is currently trying to get legislators in West Virginia to pass Skylar’s Law, which will increase the scope of Amber Alerts from just kidnappings to suspected runaways as well.  The police investigating Skylar’s disappearance wrongly assumed her disappearance was just her “running away” from home.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    You should see a film called “River’s Edge.” It will show you what some kids are like.


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