The paperback version of Jose Baez’s “Presumed Guilty” went on sale Tuesday.   (Buy a copy here.)

cheney-mason-jose-baez-2011-7-3-11-1-8“It still amazes me that so many people remain so outraged at her acquittal,” Baez writes in a new afterword. “It tells me something very disturbing: some people would much rather see an innocent person go to jail than see a guilty person go free. Our laws are based on the premise that says, ‘May ten guilty people go free before one innocent person is convicted.’ That’s the ideal, but unfortunately our media-driven society apparently doesn’t feel that way. All you have to do is look at all the anger directed at Casey. They expressed deep outrage.”

Baez, who successfully defended Casey Anthony, writes that the jury system came out looking good.

“Those twelve jurors sat in the courtroom day after day, listened to the evidence, and quickly concluded what they should have concluded: Casey was not guilty.”

Jose Baez points out Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr.’s mistake in releasing the names of the jurors to the rabid public, which comprised their safety and the integrity of future jurors who may fear backlash for a verdict regardless of evidence.

casey anthony verdict“These men and women hadn’t volunteered for the job — they were drafted,” Baez writes. “And after the verdict, they had to go into hiding to escape the vicious comments and death threats that came their way. It’s just another example of how broken our legal system is.”

“I vowed that I would do what I could to put the state’s evidence to the test, and I did. When it turned out the prosecution had no real evidence, the jury did the only thing it could do. It found Casey not guilty.”

Baez also mentions the scary prospect of public perception overcoming evidence, rights, and innocent until proven guilty:

“Public perception could have sent Casey Anthony to the death chamber. What saved her, of course, was the jury system: twelve citizens who listened to the evidence and weren’t swayed by the relentless drumbeat of false and phony media reports.”

Jose Baez also recounts a lunch he had with Linda Drane Burdick, the lead prosecutor on the case.  They discussed the case extensively together several months after the verdict.

Baez recalled Burdick saying:  “Regardless of what happened, whoever threw Caylee into those woods like that deserves to rot in hell,” Burdick told Baez. “You don’t do that to a baby.”

Baez agreed, This fact disturbs me greatly. It’s the one fact that will never change. You don’t do that to a baby. Whoever put Caylee there, I curse you.”  He writes that is the “one loose end that really haunts me.”

Baez mentions George Anthony in the new afterword, repeating the same claims made at the trial.

“According to Casey, George held Caylee’s lifeless body in his arms and, after accusing Casey of being responsible for her death, told Casey he’d ‘take care of it.’ Caylee’s body was found dumped in the woods. That was all I was ever able to uncover about how Caylee ended up where she did.”

Baez again points out how easy the police and prosecutors were on their “star” witness, George Anthony and the fact that they never investigated his possible involvement.  Baez dismisses the importance of reporting done by WKMG-Channel 6’s Tony Pipitone about a search for “foolproof suffocation” on the Anthony family computer.  Jose Baez also shames the public for having “no interest in hearing Casey’s side of this sordid story.”

He also lists the reasons he was so vigorous in his defense of Casey Anthony, talking about how clients can grow on an attorney.  He felt a responsibility to see that she wasn’t railroaded into a guilty verdict. And she didn’t get a fair shake from anyone.  Baez writes that he cried when he learned his book, written with Peter Golenbock, had become a New York Times bestseller.  He also updates readers on his law practice, he has expanded to Coral Gables and still holds an office in Orlando.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Casey’s case was more then just another sensationalistic, media driven, “high profile” murder case. It touched upon every strata of contemporary life. Not just the first “social media” trial in history, which alone would make it unique, it dealt with
    such issues as: psychology, sociology, the media, redemption, personality classification, conspiracy theory and the question of how a much maligned individual can every be socially accepted again. All these things EVEN BEFORE the question of guilt or innocence! Casey-like Lizzie Borden- will ALWAYS fascinate people interested in the above questions. But just like Casey’s was the first social media trial, how the story ends is a mystery. And that “mystery” is enough to keep us hooked-forever!


  2. Donia Thimons says:

    Not a word why he (Jose Baez) sent Casey Anthony a $500K Lawyers fees invoice ? Was there any DEAL under the table? The State already paid for Baez services since 2009…The Big Loser Jeff Ashton harvested $2 cool millions Prosecuting Casey Anthony..etc. The Federal Court will resume on Gonzales, Kronk and Texas Equusearch next September 17th 2013 @11:00 & @2:00pm.This case has been more about *Money than Justice…..since Day One!


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